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1050Re: work v drudgery

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  • Steve Schaper
    Jan 5, 2000
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      At 10:14 PM -0700 1/3/00, Robert and Jane Bigelow wrote:
      >From: Robert and Jane Bigelow <bigelow@...>
      >I didn't mean to equate work and drudgery. In fact, I meant to distinguish
      >between them. We have a strange and destructive belief in this society,
      >perhaps as a relic of those rock-ribbed (and sometimes rock-headed)Puritan
      >settlers, that if it's fun it can't *really* be worthwhile. It certainly
      >can't be work if you're having fun, right? said she with a sarcastic grimace.

      That isn't far w/regards the early puritans, including the settlers.
      They were a university movement and knew how to have a good time. The
      latter puritans can be a different matter.

      >Work degenerates into drudgery, imho, when there's nothing keeping you at
      >whatever it is *except* sheer economic necessity, threats of violence, or
      >fear of admitting that you've changed your mind.

      Yep. And one of the problems brought about by the 'dark satanic
      mills' of Saruman's reign, urr, the Industrial Revolution ;-)

      >Write on! And may you have many more flowers than thistles, unless of
      >course you're trying to attract goldfinches.


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