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  • Matthew Winslow
    Jan 3, 2000
      Stolzi@... [Stolzi@...] wrote:
      > But didn't you find that it took a long time starting? This was one of the
      > few criticisms that I - and many reader-reviewers on amazon.com - had. Too
      > much background, too much rambling in the (startlingly accurate) voice of the
      > teen girl narrator. Too long before they get to the farm and the
      > strangenesses begin to appear.

      I had this problem with the book, also. Matter'a'fact, I almost chucked it
      before finishing. Writing now from the other side of the back cover (yes, I
      finished it), I see that all that set up had a purpose, but that doesn't help
      one having to wade through it for the first time. Contrary to its title, the
      book is about Jennifer, so Beagle creates her as a real character before
      'sidetracking' (as it were) with the actual storyline. Still, it makes for
      some rough reading for the first third of the book. I expect this one'll end
      up on the MFA long list, if not the short list.

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      geniuses scheming to astonish the rest of us, just for the pleasure of it.
      I miss civilization, and I want it back."
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