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10314Another Plea for Readers

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  • Mari Dole
    Nov 8, 2003
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      A couple of years ago, I wrote to the list with a shameless plea for
      readers for _The History of Middle-earth_. Now, I am writing again, but
      not for myself alone.

      In the middle of October, I began volunteering at Eugene Sounds, a radio
      reading and information service for those of us who are unable to read
      print. We are part of omnimedianetworks Inc., a service affiliated with
      Oregon Public Broadcasting. This service, at least the one out of
      Portland, has been operating for many years, and is now webcasting seven
      streams of audio material. The Portland service, known as Golden Hours,
      also broadcasts on the SAP channel of OPB, the public television station

      As we are just beginning, one of the things Eugene Sounds is in need of
      is content; therefore, I am sending another shameless plea to you for
      readers--of books or magazines. If you are interested, please email me
      off list and I can send you guidelines for such reading. By the way,
      this can be any kind of literature you like, except religious or
      self-help. It can be poetry, drama, non-fiction, etc.

      Thank you to those of you who responded to my earlier plea.


      Mari Dole