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10312Gripes about LOTR films

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  • herenistarion
    Nov 7, 2003
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      Hey all,
      Anthony here--
      We have following with great interest the debate mythsoc has on the
      LOTR films, I especially love David Bratmans comments and those we
      spoke with at MythCon, well to add more fuel to the proverbial fire
      we were asked (Jessica and I) to review the following two titles

      The Lord of the Rings:Weapons and Warfare by Chris Smith

      The Return of the King Visual Companion by Jude Fisher

      Jessica did the ROTK title which is pretty scathing toward the author
      and the other I did, which I include some interesting film spoilers
      from the title concerning Aragorn and the Mouth of Sauron. We have
      pretty much had it with blatant changes in the text since film one,
      but have been pretty tolerant in my opinion but the "spoilers" I
      write of are over the top, aside from the TTT, but don't get me
      started on that,
      In Fellowship,
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