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  • Stolzi@xxx.xxx
    Jan 1, 2000
      Diane, the Narnia poem is mine. Kay Lindskoog published it in a "Narnia
      workshop" kit she did for ... oh, some publisher or other ... David Cook, I
      think... years ago. I demanded payment and they actually sent me a check for
      $5. :)

      On book notes, I am just finishing Peter Beagle's 1999 novel TAMSIN. This is
      excellent! It's really a YA but not labeled as such - but a dense, textured,
      extremely well-written YA, just a bit of a slow starter... here I agree with
      the reviews on amazon.com.

      Next I go back to Helprin's WINTER'S TALE and try to finish - I am sort of
      bogged down in the middle.

      Good to have you back on line, DJB.

      Mary S
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