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10159Re: [mythsoc] RotK Trailer

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  • Kevin Bowring
    Oct 1, 2003
      "David S. Bratman" wrote:

      > But that's not the worst of it. Gandalf's comparison of the storyline to
      > chess is a dead giveway: he thinks of the war itself as a giant war-playing
      > game.
      > I think I've finally figured it out. Jackson is not making a film of "The
      > Lord of the Rings." He's making a film of a Lord of the Rings board game.
      > I think that would explain a lot. As a film of Tolkien's book, it sucks
      > and has always sucked. But as a film of a board game, it's really excellent.

      David, you don't know how much I needed a really good belly laugh today. On the
      money as usual.
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