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10158Re: Re: [mythsoc] The Forest of Forever

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Oct 1 1:59 PM
      No, not really. His work is pretty much all of a piece, although, as I
      mentioned, his earlier work tended to be lighter and more sentimental than
      his later
      work. The message in his books -- if it could be called something as strong
      as that -- is that the world of Classical mythological creatures was a
      for guilt-free sex, and as such far superior to Puritanical Christianity
      can easily see how, if one takes this seriously enough, it can come across
      "silly"). However (with a very few exceptions), he usually avoids making
      point too earnestly or heavily. >>

      Which is not a bad thing certainly! Some otherwise wonderful series
      (serieses?) have been derailed by the author's love for his or her
      "message". Like that Holy Mole in the Duncton books, and I"m not sure
      quite what in Lawhead's Arthurian tales.

      I wonder, if you followed up some of these dryads and satyrs in later
      years, if the heartaches and diseases from their guilt-free sex might give
      a little common sense room to enter? Or I suppose they are all sharing
      their tales of woe in some dark, smoky honky-tonk.

      Lizzie Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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