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10141Re: [mythsoc] The Forest of Forever and discussions of silliness

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  • Joshua Kronengold
    Sep 30, 2003
      Elizabeth Apgar Triano writes:
      >Humour is one of those very subjective things isn't it? I haven't
      >attempted _There and Back Again_ yet, because there has to be some element
      >of ... something subjective or funny ... about it, and I'm not sure I'll
      >like it.

      The Pat Murphy? It's interesting -- it ceases really being a Lord of
      the Rings parody maybe 1/2 the way through, though there are still
      occasional paralels...but it's one of those books that (like the Great
      Good Thing), I would have been unable to deal with had the rest of the
      novel been like the first few pages.

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