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10043Re: [mythsoc] Tad Williams: The War of the Flowers

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  • Jack
    Sep 3, 2003
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      >Anyone who is a member of the Society can nominate a book for the award, but
      >it won't be nominated by me. I found the book overly long and ridiculously
      >tendentious. Williams, as usual, seemed more fixated with showing how well
      >read he was than with making a secondary world that was consistent. And his
      >mode of exposition is to have a denizen of faery say something like, 'Beware
      >the brownies' and then having the hero echo, 'Brownies?' and then we get a
      >paragraph or two of explanation of what brownies are. And it's not just once
      >or twice, but page after page after page of this.
      >Which is my second big gripe about the book: it was about 300 pages too long.
      >But lest I commit the same sin I accuse Williams of, I'll leave it there <g>.

      You can reas Matthew's review of this book here --

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