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10009Re: [mythsoc] Digest Number 1336/Wonder Woman

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  • Joe R. Christopher
    Aug 25, 2003

      Don't worry about my missing issues--No. 1336 just showed up. It was the
      one I was concerned with, since it had most of the answers to my Wonder
      Woman question.

      Despite the cover, with Wonder Woman's foot on Batman's head, I do
      recommend _Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia_ (at $17.95) to anyone interested in
      the character. I am interested in the classical motifs, as I said--the
      idea of the hiketeia, the Furies, a brief classical setting, the classical
      temple-like room in The Themyscira House (also called Embassy of
      Themyscira) in which Wonder Woman lives, the brief discussion of classical
      tragedy (p. 47). An interesting development of the Amazon emphasis that
      was part of the Wonder Woman tradition from the start.