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  • Pam Wellington Lackey
    Nov 24, 1998
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      >also subscribe to MereLewis, which I must say is a fantastic list to
      >belong to. Very intelligent and stimulating posts on that one.
      >Trish Lewis
      Trish: can you post the URL for "MereLewis"? I would like to check it

      Hi Trish and everyone else. Since this list is so new, I thought I
      might introduce myself and hope that everyone else follows me.
      I am a visual artist, painter, art teacher in the public high school,
      and have been a Christian for many years. I also love to write but get
      little opportunity to do so. CSLewis has been the major influence on
      my walk and life. HIs life and writings have served as an inspiration
      and example. I have recently returned to school as a graduate student
      at Maryland INstitute, College of ARt, in BAltimore, Maryland, studying
      painting. I am currently in my second year of a 4 year program. I am an
      advocate of logical, clear headed thinking. IT is an art form that is
      rapidly disappearing. Language is eroding, post-modernism is rampant
      everywhere, ugliness, informality, cloudy thinking, anti-heroism,
      anti-intellectualism runs the show. I believe Christians, especially
      Christians involved in the arts, literature, etc, are the best people to
      fight the good fight, at least uphold the standards. Nice to be a part
      of this list. I look forward to many lively and challenging
      Pam Wellington Lackey
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