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Mythopoeic (sorta) Monthly - November 2008

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  • Lynn Maudlin
    Yes, you would be right that we didn t have news to report in October and the purpose of the Mythopoeic Announcements list isn t to burble without meaning. But
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2008
      Yes, you would be right that we didn't have news to report in October
      and the purpose of the Mythopoeic Announcements list isn't to burble
      without meaning.

      But while October news was sparse, November we have news:

      The Society Directory ("Mything Persons") will be mailed out shortly
      along with the ballots for Society elections; the currently serving
      Stewards are all hoping to be confirmed in our respective roles. Take
      a look at our Council of Stewards webpage to refresh your memory.

      Mythopoeic Conferences are always close to my heart {{grin}} and I'm
      pleased to announce that Mythcon 40's Call for Papers (CFP) is now
      available at the Society website and, we trust, other locations
      shortly. You know what this means - start writing!

      Speaking of Mythcons, next year's Scholar Guest of Honor is Diana
      Pavlac Glyer, whose book, "The Company They Keep: J.R.R. Tolkien and
      C.S. Lewis as Writers in Community," won this year's Mythopoeic
      Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies. The book has just been released
      in paperback and is now in-stock at Amazon.com - I encourage you to
      click through the MythSoc website; you give the Mythopoeic Society a
      small percentage by using our link at the bottom of the navigation bar
      on the left side of our pages).

      Sarah Beach, this year's Mythcon chair, says we should have room and
      board packages online soon, along with the ability for folks to make a
      series of payments over the next eight months or so, if that's easier
      than a single payment.

      And finally, as the SMC (Secretary for Mythopoeic Conferences), I will
      simply say that we have a series of interesting possibilities lining
      up for 2010, 2011, and beyond - it just makes me tingle with delight!
      If you haven't yet discovered what great fun Mythcons are, Mythcon 40
      at UCLA next summer will be a great introduction - do come join us!

      blessings with thanksgiving,
      -- Lynn Maudlin --
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