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Mythopoeic Monthly - September 2008

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  • Lynn Maudlin
    For those of you who don t wander by the Society website regularly or haven t signed up for the RSS feed, here s the latest news: You can register for Mythcon
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2008
      For those of you who don't wander by the Society website regularly or
      haven't signed up for the RSS feed, here's the latest news:

      You can register for Mythcon 40 (UCLA, July 17-20, 2009) online and
      the price goes up September 16th, so act now for the lowest rate.

      The 2008 Mythopoeic Award winners' acceptance speeches have been
      posted to the website; you can read them at

      The Mythcon 39 schedule was posted (read about what you missed, even
      if you were there - it's a pity we can't be in multiple places at the
      same time, eh?) <http://www.mythsoc.org/news/mythcon.39.schedule/>

      Mythic Circle 30 has been published. This is especially exciting to
      Sherwood Smith and myself who started the Society's fiction zine 21
      years ago. Hmmm, it's now old enough to drink...

      The Council of Stewards are also setting up the details for LIFETIME
      MEMBERSHIPS; I was surprised to see the high degree of interest
      expressed at the annual members' meeting (just before closing
      ceremonies at Mythcon 39, last month); perhaps next month I'll have a
      link to the relevant membership page.

      We are also looking at ways to make your own membership details
      available to you online; I just got a call from a long-time member
      wondering if she's still successfully subscribed to both Mythlore and
      Mythprint. Tracking expiration dates would be handy, yes? And MYTHING
      PERSONS would be available online, to society members only.

      You can also get Mythopoeic Society information as part of the
      LiveJournal community at <http://community.livejournal.com/myth_soc>.

      blessings to all my Mythie friends--
      -- Lynn Maudlin --
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