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Conference on the Fantasic, Call for Papers

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Dear colleagues: I am contacting you to let you know about the VIth International Colloquium on Fantastic Literature, which we are organizing on June 27-30,
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      Dear colleagues:

      I am contacting you to let you know about the VIth International
      Colloquium on Fantastic Literature, which we are organizing on June
      27-30, 2007, at the University of Goteborg (Sweden). I am inviting
      proposals for this event from diverse aspects about medieval
      "merveilleux" (medieval marvellous or fantastic). I have posted the Call
      for Papers, but, for further information about the conference, please
      visit our website at: http://www.cilf.org.mx


      Ana María Morales

      The Call for Papers:


      The fantastic: North and South
      Göteborg University, Sweden 27-30 June 2007

      Dear colleague,

      The International Conferences on Fantastic Literature have been a forum
      for reflection on the fantastic as well as a meeting point for
      specialists. By means of this call for papers we invite you to our sixth
      conference. On this particular occasion we wish to focus on comparative
      issues concerning the fantastic and on the ways the fantastic relates to
      adjacent modalities.
      Papers on the following topics are encouraged:
      - Theorization on the fantastic: theories and reviews about the
      discourse of the fantastic.
      - Relationships of the fantastic with related or adjacent modalities
      (the merveilleux; the ghost-story; magical realism and lo real
      maravilloso; the detective novel; Science fiction; Fantasy; the Gothic
      novel, etc.).
      - Studies about the specific discourse of any of the related modalities.
      - Comparative issues within the fantastic: studies comparing Spanish
      texts with Spanish American ones or others from different languages, as
      well as others from different regions or époques. (Priority will be
      given to comparative studies between Hispanic and Nordic literatures,
      although the call is open for studies on literature in any language and
      in different regions.)
      - Periodizations of the fantastic literature and related modalities,
      either regarding specific countries or cultural regions, or periods
      defined by literary currents of each regional tradition (Baroque,
      Romanticism, Vanguards, etc.).
      - Analysis of specific authors and texts; thematic studies and studies
      of literary motifs.

      Abstracts and papers
      Abstracts of approximately 250 words including the title of the paper
      and name of the author must be submitted by e-mail to the organizing
      committee before January 30, 2007. Submissions might be written in
      Spanish, English or French. The organizing committee will send an
      acknowledgement of the receipt of the letter. Only the persons who have
      confirmed their attendance before March 25 will appear on the program.
      The performance of the papers should not be longer than 20-minutes. The
      final text to be published should be sent before August 30, 2007 and
      should not exceed 20 pages of copy, including notes and bibliography.
      The paper should be sent by e-mail to the organizing committee. The
      notes and bibliography of the paper must be in accordance with the rules
      of The MLA Style Manual.

      The inscription fee will be 55 euros for participants from Europe,
      Canada and the United States, and 35 for those from Latin America,
      Africa and Asia. The inscription is to be paid to the count of Göteborg
      University by means of a credit card and will be formalized only after
      the submission had been accepted and before the confirmation of attendance.

      We hope we can count on your attendance.
      Cordially yours,

      Ana María Morales (anammr@... , anamorales@...)
      José Miguel Sardiñas (josemiguel@...)
      Andrea Castro (andrea.castro@...)
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