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  • Joan Marie Verba
    ... From: David Lenander Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 10:34:04 -0500 Subject: News from Bree #2 News from Bree #2 5/27/99 Greetings. 1.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 1999
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      From: David Lenander <d-lena@...>
      Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 10:34:04 -0500
      Subject: News from Bree #2
      News from Bree #2 5/27/99

      1. This is the second of several planned periodic updates on developing plans
      for Bree Moot 4/Mythcon XXX. (A fantasy literature conference emphasizing J.R.R.
      Tolkien studies July 30-August 2, 1999, in Milwaukee). If you don't want to
      receive e-mailings like this one, please let me know so I can remove your name
      from the list. This memo is mostly going to people we're expecting to attend the
      conference. If you have not joined the conference, you may also wish to confirm
      by return e-mail that you'd like to continue receiving these e-mailings.
      (d-lena@...) And visit our web-site if you have a chance, at

      2. Please let us know what other questions you have, which we can address in
      another memo like this one, or in Progress Report #2, or in a personal response.
      Matt Fisher expect to mail Progress Report #2 after June 15. And let us know if
      you did NOT receive Progress Report #1 or News from Bree #1.

      3. Changes in pricing and board and room packages. We have resolved the
      confusion over the price of membership of the conference, which had been
      advertised at two different rates after April 4. As of May 1st and after, our
      rate for membership is $50 until July 15. If received after July 15 or at the
      door, the rate rises to $60. There will be single-day rates, as well, which
      together will total no less than $60. If you sent in membership at the $55
      rate, we will refund $5 at the door.
      Unlike many past Mythcons, the board and room packages are separable, as
      follows: The entire board package (meals only) can be had for $115--once again,
      this covers meals from Friday evening (supper/dinner) through Monday morning
      (breakfast), and includes the Sunday evening banquet. We are investigating the
      possibility of separate days meals being available: Saturday-only meals, for
      example. (If available, it would only be whole days per the site
      manager--individual meals CANNOT be purchased separately). EXCEPTION: we are
      planning a separately available Sunday banquet. You may purchase the Sunday
      banquet--only--for $30.
      We do have some room-only additional evenings available: For $20 per night
      you may stay in the "dorm" rooms the Wednesday and/or Thursday and/or Monday
      evenings (IF you have a room-mate for these evenings, you can plan on $15 per
      person, maximum of two persons per room). At this point it appears that meals
      will not be available during these evenings. We will be providing a list of
      nearby meal sources. For stays extending even longer, apparently we can
      accommodate even earlier arrivals, but stays beyond Tuesday will not be
      possible. Please contact us with specifics, and allow time for us to pursue
      further inquiries.

      4. Deadlines. The board and room package deadline was announced as June 1. We
      think that the deadline will be extended, and we have plenty of available space
      as of now. We should know more after Memorial Day. July 15 is the firm deadline
      for advance registration for the conference, after that date membership will be
      $60. We may still process registrations received after that date (allowing
      pre-printing of badges for instance) which might save you some time at the door,
      but we will consider late registrations at-the-door, and collect any difference
      between the enclosed amount and $60. I am unsure about a deadline for program
      proposals, but it must be fast approaching. Contact David E or Jan B if you
      have a paper or panel to propose!

      5. Members of the conference committee & e-mail contacts:
      Richard West is the chairperson, rcw@...
      Greg Rihn is the co-chair and Milwaukee coordinator, ggrihn@...
      Jan Bogstad is the papers chair, contact her at bogstajm@...
      Jo Ann Johnson is registrar, contact via David Lenander at d-lena@...
      David Emerson is programs co-chair, david.emerson@...
      Matt Fisher is editing the Progress Reports: fisher@...
      Phil Kaveny is Dealers Tables coordinator, phkaveny@...
      Charles Elston, curator of the Tolkien collection, Charles.Elston@...
      Joan Verba is acting Secretary for Mythopoeic Conferences, verba001@...
      Other members of the committee include: Douglas A. Anderson, Eleanor Arnason,
      David Bratman, Sue Dawe, Michael Du Charme (film program), Michael Foster, David
      Hoose, John Houghton, S. Gary Hunnewell, Sylvia Hunnewell, Jan Long (Secretary),
      Jeff Long (Treasurer), Nancy Martsch (Beyond Bree editor), Georgie L.Schnobrich,
      Marion Van Loo, Mike Zielinski

      6. I hope to send out a notice listing accepted papers and programs next time.
      In the meantime, please contact Jan Bogstad or David Emerson with any proposals.

      7. Ann Wilson will be unable to attend the conference. Please contact me if you
      would be interested in purchasing her membership at the $35 rate (her membership
      was purchased at last year s Mythcon memberships are transferrable but not

      8. Several of the Mythmoot committee members will be attending SF conventions in
      the upper midwest over the next couple of months. If you'll be at one of these
      conventions, you could certainly talk to one of us in person about Mythmoot
      developments. I know that there will be members at Wiscon in Madison this
      weekend, and hopefully at CONvergence in the twin cities, Minnesota. We may even
      hold committee meetings there. Let me know if you'll be at any of these!

      9. Can you help us publicize Bree Moot 4/Mythcon XXX? Especially with our
      proposal coming together so late last year, and with our committee scattered
      over three metro areas our publicity has been scattershot. If you'd be willing
      to put out flyers at a conference or convention, or in a local bookstore, or
      post a flyer on a bulletin board, or send a press release to your local paper,
      particularly in the upper midwest, please let me know. You could also forward
      addresses of bookstores that might put out our literature (as opposed to tossing
      out our flyers with the junk mail) or newspapers or other publications that
      might run our conference information as a public service announcement. If you
      know someone who might be interested, send me an address for mailing one of our
      flyers. (Or better yet, tell your friend about Mythmoot!)

      David Lenander
      293 Selby Ave. work: (612)626-3375
      St. Paul, MN 55102-1811 home: (651)292-8887
      fax: (612)626-2454
      e-mail: d-lena@...
      web-page: http://www.tc.umn.edu/nlhome/m391/d-lena/BreeMoot.html

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      Joan Marie Verba verba001@...
      Club Coordinator, Official Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig Fan Club
      Secretary for the Mythopoeic Press, Mythopoeic Society
      List administrator for DocEx, MythSoc, MNSCBWI, and MNSCREENW lists
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