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[Fwd: C.S. Lewis Summer Institute 2006--The REAL Email!]

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    ... Subject: C.S. Lewis Summer Institute 2006--The REAL Email! Dear friend: The C.S. Lewis Foundation is in the final stages of preparing for its inaugural
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2006
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      Subject: C.S. Lewis Summer Institute 2006--The REAL Email!

      Dear friend: The C.S. Lewis Foundation is in the final stages of
      preparing for its inaugural stateside Summer Instituteâ?"Love Among the
      Ruins: On the Renewal of Character and Cultureâ?"to be held at Williams
      College (MA), a beautiful New England setting in the Berkshire
      Mountains, Americaâ?Ts premier cultural retreat destination. We have
      worked tirelessly to design a conference for believers and seekers who
      love Lewis and who care about the world of ideasâ?"in making a
      difference within the culture to which we are called and among the
      people who are yearning for true love and significance amid the ruins of
      much of contemporary life. We are truly grateful for the tremendous
      program and faculty we have been led to bring together to this end. On
      that note, if you have not yet visited our website, I urge you to do so
      now (www.cslewis.org). There you will find the wide variety of offerings
      (speakers, performances, seminars, etc) we have lined up for this
      conference, including an evening with the Boston Symphony at Tanglewood,
      among others. Whatever your age, background, or interests, we have
      something that will spark your interest. Among the many options,
      consider the following: -Children's Program For children ages 8-12
      interested in â?oPursuing Prince Caspianâ? (age exceptions gladly
      considered on an individual basis!), this Narnia-themed program will
      engage and enrich young minds eager to follow Aslan in their own unique
      ways. -College-Bound Track: For college-bound high school juniors and
      seniors, this seminar (taught by Chris Nichols, New England Regional
      Director of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) will explore what it
      takes for a Christian student to surviveâ?"and thriveâ?"on a secular
      university campus. -Creative Writing Workshop: Taught by prolific poet
      and playwright Jeanne Murray Walker, this writerâ?Ts workshop offers the
      chance to improve your craft by writing and critiquing new work in a
      friendly group setting. -Visual Arts Workshop: This weekday workshop by
      acclaimed painter and master teacher Richard Harden is designed for
      artists of all levels who wish to learn more about contemporary drawing
      techniques and postmodern aesthetics. -Dance Workshop: For all dancers
      and choreographers--Don't miss this unique opportunity to bring your
      artistic work for performance, critical feedback and discussion led by
      Amy Yopp Sullivan of SUNY-Stony Brook in the breathtaking, brand-new 62'
      Center for Theater and Dance. -Theater Workshop: Develop, critique, and
      perform new theatrical pieces in this workshop led by Jeffrey Miller,
      former cast member of the renowned Lamb's Players of San Diego and
      current Director of Theater at Gordon College. -Institute Choir: Join
      Tom Brooks, Chair of the Music Department at Gordon College, along with
      a select company of Gordon's chamber singers, for rehearsal and
      participation in worship services and performance during the conference.
      -Outdoor Education: Taking full advantage of the beautiful environment
      of the Berkshires, crowned with the majesty of nearby Mt. Greylock,
      experience outdoor educator and Lewis aficionado, Matt Dominguez, of
      Wheaton Academy. If none of those spark your interest, rest assured
      youâ?Tll find much to enjoy in our full 9-day schedule. And if you
      cannot make it for the whole conference, you'll be pleased to know that
      we are also taking registrations for either (or both) of the two
      weekends (July 7-9 or 14-16) For more information, visit our website,
      call toll-free 1-888-CSLEWIS, or email our registrar, Brett McCracken,
      at brett@.... We pray you will be able to join us this summer
      for what is sure to be another unforgettable experience of enrichment
      for the heart, mind, body and soul! If Pastor Rick Warren's praise of
      our former Summer Institutes is any indication, you will not want to
      miss this opportunity! "If you want something that will enrich your
      life, that will take you deeper, that will help you love God with all
      your mind, I donâ?Tt know that I could recommend anything more highly
      than the Summer Institute put on by the C.S. Lewis Foundation." -Rick
      Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life Yours for the journey, Stan
      Mattson Founder and President C.S. Lewis Foundation
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