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Looking for a Few Good Stewards

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    ... Looking for a Few Good Stewards Members of the Mythopoeic Society will be electing the Council of Stewards to new three-year terms in the fall of 1999.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 1999
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      Looking for a Few Good Stewards

      Members of the Mythopoeic Society will be electing the Council of Stewards
      to new three-year terms in the fall of 1999. While all of these positions
      are open to members at every election, the Council is conducting its most
      active search ever for capable volunteers because four incumbents are not
      seeking re-election. Their positions are: Secretary for Mythopoeic
      Conferences, Editor of Mythlore, Membership Secretary, and Secretary for
      Discussion Groups.

      Composition of the Council: There are 11 Stewards on the Council, including
      the Founder, Glen GoodKnight (who is remaining on the Council, but is
      resigning as editor of Mythlore.) Here is a brief description of the other
      10 positions.

      Corresponding Secretary: Handles e-mail and postal correspondence;
      publishes the Steward's Forum monthly; maintains contact with Board of

      Editor of Mythic Circle: Responsible for editing and publishing of Mythic

      Editor of Mythlore: Responsible for editing and publishing of Mythlore.

      Editor of Mythprint: Responsible for editing and publishing of Mythprint.

      Manager of the Orders Department: Maintains the Society's stock of back
      issues and sales items. Maintains a transaction log and document file
      relative to all membership, subscription, and sale records. Mails out
      current issues, back orders, and merchandise as required. Manages the
      Society dealer's table at Mythcon. Invoices institutional subscribers as
      needed and services delivery complaints. Updates membership and subscriber
      information to the periodical data compilers. Deposits checks and posts
      records to Treasurer.

      Membership Secretary: Keeps membership records; Maintains the Society
      database; Publishes the membership directory.

      Recording Secretary: Keeps minutes of Stewards' meetings; coordinates

      Secretary for Discussion Groups: Facilitates formation of discussion
      groups; assists discussion groups with questions or concerns; forwards a
      calendar of discussion groups to Mythprint.

      Secretary for the Mythopoeic Press: Responsible for acquisition,
      production, sales, and marketing of Mythopoeic Press publications. With the
      editorial board, selects items for publication. Secures rights. Handles
      publishing, publicity and distribution.

      Secretary for Mythopoeic Conferences: Responsible for Mythcons. Primary
      tasks involve contacting groups interested in running a Mythcon and keeping
      in touch with groups planning future Mythcons. Advises Mythcon committees.

      Treasurer: Keeps the Society's books; prepares the annual budget; reports
      to the Council of Stewards, Society membership, and government agencies as
      needed. Coordinates bank accounts. Oversees collection and distribution of
      Society funds.

      How to Volunteer: The Council intends to recommend a slate of nominees at
      its May 22nd meeting. If you would like to communicate your interest in any
      position to the Council, contact the Chair, Edith Crowe, via e-mail at:
      ecrowe@... or by mail at 1124 Eden Bower Lane, Redwood City, CA
      94061. Also, anyone wanting more information on any position is welcome to
      contact Edith who will forward the inquiry to the incumbent.

      In addition to the slate put together by the Council of Stewards, members
      may also be nominated by submitting a petition with the 20 necessary
      signatures (5% of current members) to Mike Glyer at 705 Valley View Ave.,
      Monrovia CA 91016 by August 16. Watch the Mythopoeic Society web site and
      the announcements electronic mailing list for further details. This is an
      uncommon opportunity for those of you concerned about the future of the
      Society to take a hand in directing that future. Please consider joining
      the Council and help us move our unique organization into a new millenium.

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      Joan Marie Verba verba001@...
      Club Coordinator, Official Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig Fan Club
      Secretary for the Mythopoeic Press, Mythopoeic Society
      List administrator for DocEx, MythSoc, MNSCBWI, and MNSCREENW lists
      Member of GASP, Keeper of Giles's Writing Desk
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