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Paper Call, Mythcon 33

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    PAPER CALL-- The 33rd Annual Mythopoeic Conference (Mythcon XXXIII) Theme: A Midsummer Night s Dream: Shakespeare and Fantasy Boulder, Colorado July 26-29,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      PAPER CALL-- The 33rd Annual Mythopoeic Conference (Mythcon XXXIII)
      Theme: "A Midsummer Night's Dream: Shakespeare and Fantasy"
      Boulder, Colorado July 26-29, 2002

      Scholar Guest of Honor: Alexei Kondratiev
      Alexei Kondratiev is a Celtic scholar and linguist as well as a
      member of the Mythopoeic Society. Since 1984 he has taught Irish at the
      Irish Arts Centre in New York as well as teaching courses on Celtic
      mythology, early Celtic Christianity, the history of Celtic traditional
      music and related topics. He is the author of The Apple Branch: A Path
      Celtic Ritual, and has contributed numerous articles to a variety of
      publications including Mythlore, Mythprint, Keltoi, CARN, People of the
      Earth and Keltria.

      Author Guest of Honor: Connie Willis
      Connie Willis is a prolific science fiction writer, the winner of six
      Nebulas, six Hugos, and numerous other awards; she is the first author
      win both the Nebula and Hugo in all four fiction categories. Ms. Willis
      said in an interview, “I think every writer creates a world that exists
      in the pages of his book … literary worlds are more real … sort of

      The Mythopoeic Society is an international literary and educational
      organization devoted to the study, discussion, and enjoyment of the
      works of
      J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams. It believes the study
      these writers can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of
      literary, philosophical, and spiritual traditions which underlie their
      works, and can also engender an interest in the study of the genre of
      fantasy as a whole and the realm of myth and legend from which such
      derive their inspiration. Find out more about the Society and previous
      Mythcons at <http://www.mythsoc.org/.>

      Papers dealing with the conference theme are encouraged, as are those on
      role of the Society in Mythopoeic scholarship. Papers focusing on the
      and interests of our Guests of Honor, the Inklings (especially Tolkien,
      Lewis, and Williams), and other fantasy authors and themes are also
      We are interested in papers from a variety of perspectives and

      Some ideas to explore:
      · Magic and fantasy in Shakespeare
      · Shakespeare and Tolkien: comparisons and inspirations
      · Shakespearean themes in fantasy and science fiction writing and
      · Fantasy and the fantastic in drama

      Individual papers should be suitable for oral presentation within a time
      period of 20 to 45 minutes, leaving 10-15 minutes for questions. They
      conform to the MLA Style Manual. Papers chosen for presentation at the
      conference will be considered for publication in Mythlore, the refereed
      journal of the Mythopoeic Society. We are also interested in paper
      consisting of two to four related papers by different authors, to be
      and discussed in a 90 minute time period.

      Abstracts of 200 words or less should be sent to the Papers Coordinator
      the following address (e-mail is acceptable) by April 30, 2002. Please
      include your AV requests and the projected time needed for your

      Janet Brennan Croft
      Bizzell Library 106NW
      University of Oklahoma
      Norman OK 73019-6030
      Phone: 405-325-1918 * Fax: 405-325-7618
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