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Sayers on Holmes now available!

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Sayers on Holmes collects the writings of Dorothy L. Sayers on the subject of Sherlock Holmes. In Sherlock Holmes and His Influence, Sayers examines how the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2001
      Sayers on Holmes collects the writings of Dorothy L. Sayers on the
      subject of Sherlock Holmes. In "Sherlock Holmes and His Influence,"
      Sayers examines how the Sherlock Holmes stories affected the genre of
      detective fiction. In "The Dates in 'The Red-Headed League'" she
      discusses the contradictory dates in the Holmes story. In "Holmes'
      College Career" Sayers determines which university Holmes
      attended--Oxford or Cambridge--and speculates on a birth year for
      Holmes. "Dr. Watson's Christian Name" represents an effort by Sayers to
      solve the problem that Watson is called by different first names in
      different Holmesian stories. "Dr. Watson, Widower," is concerned with
      the speculation on Dr. Watson's possible multiple marriages. In
      addition, published here for the first time is the script she wrote for
      a radio production, "A Tribute to Sherlock Holmes on the Occasion of
      his 100th Birthday," in which the young Lord Peter Wimsey consults
      Sherlock Holmes.

      This book will give great pleasure to readers of Conan Doyle and Dorothy
      L. Sayers. It contains one special delight: an unpublished story in
      which Sherlock Holmes and Lord Peter Wimsey are brought together-not to
      be missed! --Barbara Reynolds, author of Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and
      Soul, editor of The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers.

      How rewarding to unite Sayers' four Sherlockian studies with her
      incisive pages on the position of Holmes in detective fiction! How
      splendid to bring into print for the first time her delightful Wimseyan
      and whimsical tribute to Holmes--the last Lord Peter story she ever
      wrote! Alzina Stone Dale's discerning Introduction binds these writings
      firmly together and it was a brilliant thought to complete this
      invaluable volume with Joe R. Christopher's annotated listing of Sayers'
      works. --Christopher Dean, Chairman, The Dorothy L. Sayers Society

      Sayers on Holmes is a fine celebration of the happy conjunction of the
      two writers who did most to move sensational fiction to a plane where
      nowadays the books that have followed their example can be enjoyed with
      profit by even the most fastidious of readers. --H.R.F. Keating, crime
      novelist and critic, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and
      holder of the George N. Dove Award for the Serious Study of Mystery

      "Dorothy L. Sayers was one of the earliest and best of those who
      invented and played the grand game of Sherlockian scholarship, and it is
      nice indeed to have her essays on Sherlock Holmes in print again. It is
      even nicer to have available for the first time the script she wrote for
      Lord Peter Wimsey's comments for the centenary birthday tribute to
      Holmes broadcast by the BBC in 1954." Peter E. Blau--geologist and
      journalist, and the secretary ("Simpson") of The Baker Street

      Sayers on Holmes is $8 (postage and handling $1.50 additional or $4
      additional outside North America). Make check payable to the Mythopoeic
      Society and send to: Joan Marie Verba, P O Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN
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