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Forodrim jubilee and Northern Tolkien Festival

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    ... Below is an official invitation from the Forodrim to the Mythopoeic Society. We are aware that this is coming late, less than two months before the day
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 1999
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      Below is an official invitation from the Forodrim to the Mythopoeic
      We are aware that this is coming late, less than two months before
      the day when the price goes up. But if people who think of coming
      only let us know before then, they can enjoy the lower price even if
      they pay it later, for instance when they arrive.
      Will you send the invitation on to the Mythopoeic Society
      announcement list, so that it reaches members as quick as possible?

      Chivalrous greetings,

      Beregond, Anders Stenstr m


      The year is drawing near when the Forodrim will
      have been active for three enneads, reaffirming
      the glory and grandeur of the ancient Middle-earth
      in a paled world.
      We intend to appropriately celebrate this
      memorial: when we march through the Gates of next
      Summer a feast begins that will last for four days
      and three nights.
      Therefore the North-people - its Grand Council,
      Knighthood and Commoners - invites you all, dear
      kinsfolk, to attend the Twentyseven-year jubilee of
      the Forodrim, L tess 26-29 XXVIII (May 13-16 1999).
      Our jubilee also has the honour to constitute the
      Northern Tolkien Festival '99, and we hope for many
      guests from far away. There will be entertainment,
      an Arda-symposium, good food, dance, competitions,
      and an auction.
      The entire festivity will aim at recreating some
      of the splendour of R menna of yore, and N menor will
      be the theme of the Arda-symposium at the festival.


      The festival will begin May 13 in the morning, so
      you should be in Stockholm on the Wednesday, May 12.
      The first meal will be a picnic; if you do not bring
      your own food, you can get it from us if you tell us in
      The main part of the festival will be on the island
      Blid outside Stockholm, and costs today 755 crowns
      (about 56, $ 95) if you want all we offer (see below
      for the alternatives). One can go to the island by bus
      or car, but we hope to arrange a boat for our guests, at
      a price to be announced later.
      A participant that is under 18 years of age, needs a
      legal guardian's written consent, and an adult
      fellow-guest taking responsibility.
      Let us know how many nights before and after the
      festival you wish to stay in Stockholm, and we will
      lodge you for free. On the Sunday, there will be a
      sightseeing tour in Stockholm for you.
      At the festival there will be an inn, where food can be
      bought, though it will be shut during the Thursday
      barbecue and the Saturday banquet. There will be no
      kitchen place for cooking your own food.
      If you go to Stockholm by car and have one or more
      empty places, it is also a good idea to tell us; we may
      know who wants a ride.
      Write and tell us if you have something to present at
      the symposium, and likewise if you have anything for the
      arts & crafts competition, or if you plan to bring
      anything to be sold at the auction.
      A society that wants to make an embassy to the
      Forodrim at the jubilee should contact us at least two
      weeks before.
      A group of guests may of course send their payment
      Further information will turn up on
      http://www.algonet.se/~arador/ntf/ntf99en.html, and will be
      sent later this spring to those who have registered. If you
      have any questions now, send e-mail or a letter to

      The person in charge of the celebration:
      Xera, Sara Vikstr m Norrthon
      Hornsgatan 158 A
      117 28 Stockholm
      +46 - (0)8 - 84 11 48

      Contact person of the Northern Tolkien festival
      Beregond, Anders Stenstr m
      G tgatan 20 C
      S-752 22 UPPSALA
      +46 - (0)18 - 50 84 05

      Registration form
      for the 27-year Jubilee of the Forodrim

      Middle-earth name:
      Name else:

      I register for (amounts in Swedish crowns):
      Being there
      _ Thursday, 125:-
      _ Friday, 150:-
      _ Saturday, 175:-
      (Sunday is free)
      _ Breakfast Friday, 15:-
      _ Breakfast Saturday, 15:-
      _ Breakfast Sunday, 15:-
      Main meals
      _ Barbecue Thursday, 50:-
      _ Buffet dinner Friday, 85:-
      _ Banquet Saturday, 125:-

      _ All of the above, 755:-

      Sleeping quarters at the festival (the number of beds
      is limited)
      _ I have to sleep indoors in a bed because:
      _ I want to sleep indoors, the floor is OK
      _ I want to sleep in a pavilion/tent

      _ I have a pavilion
      _ I have a tent
      _ I am willing to lend it, or
      _ share it with some other(s). Number of places:

      Other wishes or comments concerning sleeping quarters:

      _ I want to go by boat to Blid and will pay the price,
      if it does not exceed:
      _ I want a sale table, contact me!
      _ I will probably take a bus back on the Sunday (we
      need to forewarn the bus company)
      _ I am a vegetarian
      _ I have the following food allergies:
      _ I have other allergies/diseases you ought to know:
      Other wishes or comments:

      Send this form to the Forodrim, Agnegatan 45,
      S-112 29 Stockholm, SWEDEN. Pay in Swedish crowns to
      the Swedish postal giro account 57 95 09 - 1 "Forodrim",
      or by international cheque or money order payable to
      "Tolkien-s llskapet Forodrim". (If you want to pay in
      instalments, contact Beregond.)
      After April 10, the prices will be raised with a
      third. Guests who are not members of a Tolkien society
      are admitted only if space allows, and at prices that
      are a quarter higher.

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