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85The Lamp-Post

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Apr 27, 2009
      Please post the following to the MythAnn list if you deem it appropriate.

      Mythopoeic Society member Donald T. Williams, PhD, Professor of English
      at Toccoa Falls College in NE Georgia, has just been appointed as editor
      of The Lamp-Post: The Journal of the Southern California C. S. Lewis
      Society. Williams’ task will partly be a resurrection of sorts, for the
      journal has been published only haphazardly in recent years. He hopes
      to have it back on a dependable quarterly publication schedule by
      January, 2010. One does not have to live in Southern California to be
      the editor, obviously—nor to be a subscriber . . . nor a contributor.
      Williams hopes a number of Mythies will submit quality scholarly
      articles, essays, and poetry on Lewis, his, life, his circle, his works,
      and his ideas. Send submissions to him as Microsoft Word documents
      (2003 compatible) at dtw@.... To subscribe ($10.00 per year),
      contact Edie Dougherty at marshwiggler@.... The Lamp-Post is
      indexed in the MLA Annual Bibliography.



      Donald T. Williams, PhD

      Prof. of English, Toccoa Falls College

      Poetry Editor, The Lamp-Post