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6Fwd: News from Bree #3

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Jun 12, 1999
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      From: David Lenander <d-lena@...>
      To: Aelfwine@...,
      Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 09:16:12 -0500
      Subject: News from Bree #3
      If you have not previously received News From Bree #1 and #2, and would like to
      (information is mostly not repeated here), contact me and request a posting of

      1. CORRECTION on extra nights lodging. "News from Bree" #2 stated that
      additional nights lodging were available at $20 per night (single, or
      $15/night/person, double), but there is no meal package (or meals on-"campus"
      available. This is correct. However, contrary to what I wrote in that posting,
      ONLY Thursday night and Monday night are available. The previous Wednesday is
      NOT available--we had misunderstood the conference center people when we had
      reported that.

      2. I have recently posted more information about the Cousins Center site, and a
      list of accepted programs/papers, originally from Jan Bogstad, our Papers chair
      and programming co-chair (with David Emerson). These notes (as well as a few
      others) can be found from links on our Bree Moot 4/Mythcon XXX web-page
      (http://www.tc.umn.edu/nlhome/m391/d-lena/BreeMoot.html). If you do not have
      easy access to an internet connection and web-browser, I can e-mail (or even
      snail mail) a copy of any of these files to you. Contact me to request them.
      Some of this information should be in the Progress Report #2, which should be in
      the mail from Matt Fisher by the end of June--at the latest, via first class
      mail. As of this mailing, the list of conference members is several weeks out
      of date. I hope to update that list early next week.

      3. DEADLINES: After discussions with the Cousins Center folks, we are able to
      extend the board & room package deadline to the end of June. That's June 30.
      Please try to see that we've received your room & board money by this date. If
      you're putting the money in the mail on June 30, contact us by phone or e-mail
      to let us know. If you're suddenly interested in room and/or board AFTER this
      date, please contact us by e-mail or telephone to ask first. Registrar Jo Ann
      Johnson would like to remind members that the board and room components ARE
      separable this year, and the meal plan is available for $115. We thought at one
      time that we might be able to separate this plan further by meal, but that is
      not possible for the Cousins Center staff. We had reported that we might be
      able to at least further divide the meal plan by day, aside from the separately
      available Sunday evening banquet ($30). This turns out to be much more
      complicated than it seemed, as our price is based upon certain estimated numbers
      and group discounts. IF you are going to be at the conference only for one day,
      please contact us about a possible day rate, and we will try to make an
      adjustment for you. Please make any special requests as far in advance as
      possible. After June 30 it will be difficult to make any changes. Note that if
      you will not have a car at the conference, meal options away from the Cousins
      Center are limited and several blocks away.

      IF you have special dietary requests, such as for a vegetarian or vegan diet,
      please be sure to inform us by June 20, and be as specific as possible.

      Papers & other program item deadline. When the committee last met, I expected
      to have this notice out very shortly after we had returned from Wiscon, and to
      include the list of papers accepted by Jan. Although even that would've
      included only a few days time to get additional paper proposals in, we were
      announcing that the final deadline for paper proposals would be extended to June
      10, as there was still room in the program. I regret that I haven't been able
      to send this notice until now. David Emerson was a bit more flexible on other
      program proposals, able to accept proposals at least until June 15, and possibly
      later, but it's important to contact him as soon as possible, also. If you're
      proposing a panel, it might be wise to also suggest some members and take
      responsibility for contacting some of your proposed panelists and ask if they'd
      be willing/interested. Let David know.

      I think that there may have been one or two paper proposals about which I had
      heard from members but which did NOT appear on Jan's list. If you think you
      sent a proposal but did not receive a response from Jan, and/or your paper does
      NOT appear on the list on the web-page (see note 2, above), try to contact her
      immediately. Jan will be out of the country for much of the time between
      mid-June and the conference at the end of July, so she may not be able to
      process more requests, even if there would have been room. You may wish to copy
      any such inquiry to Programming co-chair David Emerson, as he will be working on
      programming and might still be able to accept some proposals for some time yet
      in June, or he may have a more recent list from Jan--although perhaps he is only
      working on non-paper proposals (such as panel or other kinds of presentations.
      Only some of these are listed in Jan's list). Also, David will be handling the
      scheduling of programs for Mythcon/Bree Moot, so if you have particular needs in
      this regard, you may wish to contact him for any sort of program/paper (for
      instance, if you haven't told us that you will have to give your paper on
      Saturday, because you aren't arriving until late Friday and have to be leaving
      on Sunday--or whatever).

      David Lenander
      293 Selby Ave. work: (612)626-3375
      St. Paul, MN 55102-1811 home: (651)292-8887
      fax: (612)626-2454
      e-mail: d-lena@...

      Bree Moot 4/Mythcon XXX web-page:

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