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127Mythcon 45 PR#2, 2013 Annual Report, etc.

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  • lynnmaudlin
    Jun 30 4:49 PM

      Hello, Mythie Friends!

      If you're registered for Mythcon 45 (August 8-11, 2014, at Wheaton College in Norton, MA) you will have received an email with a link for downloading the PDF of the second Progress Report. There's information within the PR which you will probably need at Mythcon 45 so I recommend you download to your phone/tablet or print out a copy. You may also read it on the website (with a download link): http://www.mythsoc.org/mythcon/mythcon-45/mythcon-45-pr-2/

      Marion VanLoo, our membership Steward, has also just sent out the 2013 Annual Report, as required by law of 501(c)(3) organizations. Remember that we will have our triennial election this fall, discussed in some detail in Mythprint #369, and several Stewards are not standing for re-election. We are still actively looking for a "Communications Steward" (see the bottom of this message for a re-posting of the job description).

      If you are interested in serving, please contact either the 2014 Chair of the Council, Lynn Maudlin at mythcon @ mythsoc.org, or the Recording Secretary, Gerry Holmes at secretary @ mythsoc.org The positions on which we will be voting include Treasurer, Recording Steward, Editors of the three Society publications, Orders Department Manager, Communications Steward, Membership and Discussion Groups Steward, Steward for Mythopoeic Conferences, Webmaster, Awards Administrator, and Steward for The Mythopoeic Press. A candidate can file for office by presenting to the Recording Steward, no later than August 11, 2014, a nominating petition signed by 5% of the Society’s membership (currently 21 signatures). Petitions will be available on request from the Membership Steward, Marion VanLoo at membership@... or by writing her at Box 71, Napoleon MI 49261.

      And, in case you missed it, the location and date for Mythcon 46 has been announced; we don't have much information beyond that and the theme, The Arthurian Mythos, at this point but memberships will go on sale at Mythcon 45. http://www.mythsoc.org/mythcon/mythcon-46/

      DO come to Mythcon - it will be lots of fun!

        -- Lynn Maudlin, Steward for Mythopoeic Conferences and 2014 Council President --

      Open job description:

      The Communications Steward is often people’s first contact with the Society, and requires someone with excellent written communication skills and great tact. The Communications Steward answers queries about the Society in various forms: paper (very rare); email (most common); and through our presence in a variety of social media. Currently we have accounts on Facebook (several pages and a group); Twitter; Google+; Pinterest; LinkedIn; Goodreads; Flickr; and a Yahoo discussion group.

      When appropriate, the Communications Steward refers the query (and/or person asking) to another person, our web site, the MythSoc Yahoo discussion list, or elsewhere on the Internet. The major portion of this Steward position consists of managing (and preferably expanding) our social media accounts. The Communications Steward coordinates with the various department heads and others to collect and publish news, information and publicity about Society activities. This must be provided on a regular basis to keep the Society’s social media presence fresh and active. The Communications Steward, as are all Stewards, is a member of the Council of Stewards, the governing Board of the Society. This requires attendance (within reason) at quarterly meetings. Three are via conference call, and one is held at the annual Mythopoeic Conference. All Stewards are expected to contribute to overall governance with information, analysis, and meeting participation. This new(ish) position is an updated version of the former Corresponding Secretary.