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    In a message dated 3/31/00 8:07:59 AM US Mountain Standard Time, MC1@wallerlaw.com writes:
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      In a message dated 3/31/00 8:07:59 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
      MC1@... writes:

      << Mark asks: Are choices really choices and contracts really contracts if
      are not made or entered into consciously? >>

      I don''t know that we are unconscious when we are dead. Though we
      (supposedly) get many illnesses that we have created due to unconscious
      repressing don't we? Or do you think we consciously choose to get ill?

      << I see this as simply a theory....and a weak one at that.

      I agree, I used to make a possible argument against accepting "responsibly"
      for getting Alzheimer's or "choosing" this form of disease consciously or
      unconsciously due to trauma in this life time, or copping out of life. One
      possibility can defunct all others, if one believes.

      "conclusion that we don't actively create anything in our lives
      and are merely fulfilling the covenants of our pre-birth contract"

      Yes, could be?

      "If this
      is the case, then we are alleviated of any responsibility, as all the acts
      in this play, including the ending were scripted by us prior to our

      No, we can always choose not to fulfill a contract by "fighting" it. Are we
      not supposed to live up to our potential in life? I think we often fail.
      That is why we reincarnate on this plane (not the only reason, of course).

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