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Easy Way to Make a Family History Website

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    New Family History Website Offers Collaboration Feature Genealogists, family historians, and family associations can now use a collaborative platform to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2007
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      New Family History Website Offers Collaboration Feature
      Genealogists, family historians, and family associations can now use a
      collaborative platform to preserve genealogy and family history.

      Salt Lake City, UT September 19, 2007 -- With the recent launch of
      family history Web site FamilyInHistory.com
      <http://www.familyinhistory.com/> , genealogy is now a collaborative
      effort, involving entire families and all generations.

      The search for ancestors used to be a solitary pursuit, but the
      collaboration capabilities of FamilyInHistory.com
      <http://www.familyinhistory.com/> allow every family member to
      contribute to the effort.

      "Imagine if 10, 100, or even 1000 people were all working together and
      contributing information on the same family tree," says David Grow,
      founder and CEO of FamilyInHistory. "We're making it more than just
      genealogy and names and dates, it's about your family in history; who
      they were, what they did, what they looked like," says Grow.

      "By working together to put stories and pictures to the names and dates
      that have already been found, ancestors come alive as more than names on
      paper. They become real people with faces and personalities. The most
      efficient way to accomplish and view the work is through a collaborative
      Web site," says Grow.

      Family associations use FamilyInHistory as a simple way to include more
      members in tracing ancestors and to get them involved in the
      association. The blog allows them to share information with everyone
      quickly and efficiently.

      "A resource like this is invaluable to a family association," says
      Robert Grow, President of the Jared Pratt Family Association. "Thousands
      of Jared Pratt descendants are able to share and contribute genealogy
      information in a very convenient way."

      "We can make much more progress on tracing all of the branches of our
      family tree when so many people are actively involved." says Robert
      Grow. "It's exciting to learn about our ancestors as individuals who
      lived incredible lives, and now more of us can work together to build
      that library of information to share."

      Giving an identity to ancestors and recognizing how they were part of
      important historical eras, like the Civil War, pioneer efforts, or
      immigrating to make a new life in the United States, draws the younger
      generations to genealogy. They are becoming interested in the people who
      came before them.

      Leo Ebbert, a 28-year old CPA and financial advisor has been working on
      his family's genealogy with his mother. "For years it was just my mom
      working on our family history," says Ebbert. "Recently both of us have
      been working on it, and we are accomplishing a little more."

      "I love the idea of putting our family history information on a
      collaborative Web site so more of my siblings can see it and get
      interested," he says. "It would be great to have more of us involved,
      and I think that knowing our ancestors as real people will make it more
      interesting to them."

      FamilyInHistory subscribers have a personalized genealogy Web site to
      store and share genealogy information, photos, stories, current
      information and more. Each ancestor has a page with personal information
      like important dates and photos, as well as a personal timeline.

      Genealogy research was modernized several years ago with the use of
      family history software that converts to genealogy data communication
      (GEDCOM) format, a generic format compatible with most family history
      software. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can easily
      upload GEDCOM files to their custom FamilyInHistory Web site.

      About FamilyInHistory.com
      FamilyInHistory.com <http://www.familyinhistory.com/> is a
      privately-owned company that provides personalized genealogy Web sites
      and collaborative capabilities. For more information, please contact
      David Grow at info(at)familyinhistory.com.

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