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Re: My Roots on PalmPrePlus Under Classic

... As I understand it, our PrePlus phones use a different operating system, touted to be the best in the cell phone world, but not enough to keep the PrePlus
Apr 19, 2011

My Roots on PalmPrePlus Under Classic

Has anyone set this up under Classic? Would so like to resume using this great program with all my files on new PalmPre.
Jun 23, 2010

Re: Registration Code

The tapperware.com web site is there, so the domain still exists. Maybe the e-mail server was down. Did you send it to Tom Ward at support@...? Bill
Bill Zumstein
Jan 12, 2010

Re: Registration Code

Our website is up, and I am receiving emails, so I'm not sure what's going on. Perhaps it was a temporary outage, can you please try again? It also might be
Jan 12, 2010

Registration Code

What has happened to www.Tapperware.com? I need to get a copy of my registration code, but the site doesn't work for me. All my e-mail receives is "not able to
Jan 12, 2010

Genealogy Introduction Building Your Family Tree

Genealogy is the study of one's own family tree and the line or their ancestors. It's not enough for some folks to just know about themselves from the
Nov 14, 2009

Advice for Beginning Genealogy

I can tell you what prompted me to research my own genealogy. I needed to "know" who I was, who I came from, and where my families have lived. During my youth
Oct 25, 2009

Re: How do I reload my data from an updated gedcom file?

Now I know what I was doing wrong. I needed to make sure the file name was the same. I am happy to find out that it will replace it. We are going on a
Jan 25, 2009

Re: Tap, Tap, Tap

When making research trips, I quit having to drag along my portable computor when I began using My Roots on my Palm TX. I have no problem at all converting
Jan 17, 2009

Re: Digest Number 268

4.05 is the same version of Myroots that I'm running. The answer to "is anyone still using a Palm-OS platform?" is definitely yes. I'm posting this from a
Dec 25, 2008

Re: Tap, Tap, Tap

... up? 4.05 ... maybe they quit making roots?
Dec 23, 2008

Re: Tap, Tap, Tap

I'm here and still love having my genealogy file on my Palm. It's so incredibly handy. Happy Holidays to all! Yvonne EMAILING FOR THE GREATER GOODJoin me To:
yvonne james
Dec 23, 2008

Re: Tap, Tap, Tap

I have MyRoots version 4.01 installed on my Palm Tungsten E2 operating Palm OS Garnet. v.5.4.7. It came over when I did my 1st hotsync upon replacing my Palm
John Madson
Dec 23, 2008

Re: Tap, Tap, Tap

I am still here although have not used my roots for years. Went from Palm to Blackberry. To: myroots@yahoogroups.comFrom: support@...: Tue, 23
Dec 23, 2008

Re: Tap, Tap, Tap

... up? 4.05 ... We are still around :-) No upcoming release any time soon, but we are still supporting version 4.05. Palm is expected to release new devices
Tom Ward
Dec 23, 2008
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