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Register For AMDI USM OSS Day Northern Region

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  • linuxmalaysia
    Register For AMDI USM OSS Day Northern Region AMDI USM OSS DAY are conducted with the collaboration of Open Source Development Club Malaysia (OSDC.my) to aware
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2010
      Register For AMDI USM OSS Day Northern Region

      AMDI USM OSS DAY are conducted with the collaboration of Open Source Development Club Malaysia (OSDC.my) to aware the people, especially to the students about open source software is freedom, secure and easy to use.

      Date : 23 Dec 2010
      Time : 08:00 - 17:00
      Venue : Hotel Seri Malaysia, Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang Malaysia

      Registration : Online Form below


      Facebook AMDI USM Event Page


      MOSC2011 Twitter http://twitter.com/mosc2011

      AMDI USM OSS DAY will show a variety of interactive mix of activities that consistent with the objective to promote and bring awareness about Open Source Software in general. Some of the events to be held are: -

      Seminar: 9 talks related to the awareness of Open Source will be held consisting of activists, consumers, application developers or experienced specialists who also come from the Open Source industry itself.

      Demonstration: as with any conference, AMDI USM OSS DAY will be holding a demonstration open to visitors who present at the event square. The demonstration is consist by activists, community and society where will provide an opportunity for visitors to know and see more closely what is open source and proprietary technology. We also promote activities in the demonstration area to enliven the program.


      • Students of Higher Education Institutions and equivalent - regarded as the best receiver in the new things that can attract their attention as well as encouraging them to introduce to other local computer users plus looking at career prospects in this field.

      • School students - exposing them of educational opportunities until to the employment opportunities in related areas and reveal the ability of Open Source in the period ahead.

      • Government agencies, staff from public servants and private - provide a broad exposure to officer or employee on the ability of Open Source as well as encourage them to make the overall implementation to their department or respective ministries.

      • Community and Society - all open source communities and societies around the event area.

      • Community and Environment - allows them aware of the existence of alternatives in computer software applications.

      About Institut Perubatan dan Pergigian Termaju (Advanced Medical & Dental Institute),Universiti Sains Malaysia (AMDI USM). Penang.


      More information please email to secretariat@...

      MOSC2011 Twitter http://twitter.com/mosc2011 Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 http://www.mosc.my/ Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/mosc2011 Facebook Event Page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=152695794775143 Identi.ca http://identi.ca/mosc2011 http://bit.ly/mosc2011
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