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bar manget dimensions, etc.

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    I ve had a couple of calls from Mylow this morning. I m going to be giving a more full report later today, but for now I wanted to pass on some crucial
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2009
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      I've had a couple of calls from Mylow this morning.  I'm going to be giving a more full report later today, but for now I wanted to pass on some crucial information for those of you wanting to replication Version 2.0 shown last night.
      The polarity of magnetism of the rotor magnets is not what I had presumed.  It is not through the length.  It is through the thickness.  The top is N and the bottom is S.
      He said "Radio Shack used to sell these like crazy."  Maybe one of you could get on the phone with Radio Shack and get the part number, material, and dimensions and magnetism polarity specs, and possibly talk them into bring them back into stock.  But before you tell them why you're inquiring, get the specs.  Then you can ask about the possibility of getting them back into stock.  Feel free to point them to our PESN story to let them know why.  If anyone starts gouging, then other magnet distributors can beat their price.  We've got a number of entities interested in being our recommended supplier for these.  We will base our recommendation on price, reliability, service.
      Mylow has already told us that the polarity of magnetism of the stator magnets is from leg to leg, as reorientation through the magnetizer that AllMagnetics.com lent Mylow.
      He said the bottoms of the rotor magnets should have as much contact with the surface of the aluminum as possible.
      The dimensions (remember, this is Mylow speaking, he doesn't do tape measures) of the Rotor magnets are approximately 1/2 inch thick (both dimensions) by 2.25 inches long. 
      He thinks the stator magnets are about 2.5" long and about 3/4" wide.
      [One of you who has the screen grab and measurement skills should calculate the magnet sizes from the video shots.  He gives some good top, side views that should make this fairly straight forward.  We know the rotor disc is about 17.8 inches in diameter.  By the way, for those of you who are puzzled by his finger size compared to the earlier magnet dimensions given, Mylow is very short -- around 5 foot; hence the hand-magnet ratio will be different that what might think at first.]
      He thinks the motor would have been much stronger if the magnets went all the way around (minus one position [what he told me when I met with him in Chicago]).  He said when you get that configuration, which is what he did for the BlackOps, it's hard to get the thing to stop.
      The difficult part of this is getting the spacings right -- between the rotor magnets and between the rotor magnets and the stator magnet, and the position of the stator magnet.  That's what took him three days to get right, and he has a knack for this stuff.  "But once you get it, it's easy [to replicate to another]."
      He said he thinks those [NeoForm] neos will work for the stator magnets, as shown at http://peswiki.com/index.php/OS:MYLOW:Howard_Johnson_Magnets 
      (he said that after 3.5 days of trying he couldn't get the "cupcake" to run because it wasn't aluminum and the steel in the bearings)
      I'm working on a Version 2.0 set of plans.  That's my primary task for today, even before I do a write-up on my conversations this morning with Mylow.
      I know there are a lot of people anxious to get going on replications of version 2.0, and I want to get as much information as we have compiled for the purpose.
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