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New updates at my Cosplay website once again :-)

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  • raymond_yee2003
    Hey everyone, it s me Raymond once again. I m sorry if I m a bit late over here as I ve got exams happening at this time (including much of this week) but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
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      Hey everyone, it's me Raymond once again. I'm sorry if I'm a bit late
      over here as I've got exams happening at this time (including much of
      this week) but nevertheless I was there for two Cosplay photo shoots
      that happened in Perth for last month (including the Sports Cosplay
      photo shoot in Perth which happened last Saturday) so they are indeed
      the new updates at the 'Photos' section (will like to take this
      opportunity once more to welcome the new members at my Cosplay website
      as well). :-)

      I can't say how hard it is to be busy with revision for my exams at
      this time but I'll be flying back home to Singapore this coming Friday
      (after my last exam paper) so hopefully I should be there for the July
      Cosplay event that's happening this week and next week (with any amount
      of luck I should be able to make it on the 7th of July as that event is
      in the afternoon and I should be back in Singapore by early morning on
      that same day).

      Ah yes, it seems that the 'Age-Restricted Area' message area keeps
      popping up all the time (don't know why that's the case over here at my
      Cosplay website) so if you do get that message just click 'I accept' so
      as to view those Cosplay photos at the 'Photos' and 'Files' section as
      well as the new links in the 'Links' section (I have no idea why my
      category got changed to 'Adult' when it should be 'Cosplay' but I guess
      it's a little glitch over here so no worries about it). :-)

      OK, back to my revision for exams at this time. Sure can't wait to get
      back into Cosplay once again when my exams are over for this week. :-)

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