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New updates in the Photos section again

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  • raymond_yee2003
    Hey, it s me Raymond over here. I guess it s been a while since I ve uploaded any new Cosplay photos over here but nevertheless I ve been uploadig new photos
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2005
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      Hey, it's me Raymond over here. I guess it's been a while since I've
      uploaded any new Cosplay photos over here but nevertheless I've been
      uploadig new photos in several of the folder so you can go ahead and
      have a look around at the Photos section. There aren't any photos from
      any latest Cosplay events here in Singapore but still I've got equally
      good photos from the past Cosplay events so it's good to upload them
      over here as well.

      Anyway, the next event down here in Singapore is the Singapore Street
      Festival (happening this coming June) and I might want to do GEN. Ikki
      Yoneda from "Sakura Wars" once again even though I might want to
      change to another character prior to the event (Hayami from "Gunparade
      March" will be reserved for this coming July and I've got another
      Cosplay character in the works but it's still being tailored so it
      won't be available until near the end of this year).

      So again, I'll try to get as many photos as possible for the
      next event so the next big update is coming this June or July, and once
      again I'll keep those great photos rolling in whenever I can.

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