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487Multiple updates at the 'Photos' section :-)

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  • raymond_yee2003
    Aug 3, 2008
      Hi all, it's me Raymond calling out once again. I just got back from a
      Cosplay happened here in Perth Australia and the brand new Cosplay
      photos are up at my website from the Cosplay event that happened today
      as well as for yesterday. The new Cosplay photos from Perth are at the
      'Curtin Uni Cosplay in July 2008', 'Day 1 of Perth Cosplay event 2008'
      and 'Day 2 of Perth Cosplay event 2008' photo albums at the 'Photos'
      section, and I did Ishida from "Bleach" in the Shinigami disguise,
      Kaname Kuran from "Vampire Knights" (the anime version) and Lelouch
      from "Code Geass" in the Ashford Academy uniform so it was a lot of
      fun doing those Cosplays that happened this week. :-)

      Additionally, I managed to cover Cosplays back in Singapore once again
      and the new Cosplay photos from Singapore can be found at the 'June
      Cosplay event 2008', 'Day 1 of July Cosplay event 2008', 'Day 2 of
      July Cosplay event 2008' and 'Fruits Basket Cosplay in July 2008'
      photo albums. I managed to do Athrun Zala from "Gundam Seed" in the
      ZAFT uniform, Suzaku from "Code Geass" in the Ashford Academy uniform
      and Yuki as well as Kyo Sohma from "Fruits Basket" in the winter
      uniform for those Singapore Cosplays, and it'll be just as good to
      cover the next major event in Singapore happening this December (where
      I'll be doing the anime version of Zero Kiryu from "Vampire Knights"
      for that event).

      Once again, I would like to welcome the new members at my website and
      I'm sure you'll like the new Cosplay photos as well as those that were
      taken from past events. I'll be doing other Cosplay characters planned
      later for this year as well as next year, and that includes the pilot
      suits from "Gundam Seed Destiny" as well as "Gundam 00" and even the
      plugsuits from "Evangelion" so I'm looking forward to those new Cosplays.

      I'll be back with more Cosplay photos once again for this year, and I
      sure am looking forward in covering more Cosplay events in both
      Singapore and Australia as well as doing ever more challenging Cosplay
      characters. :-)