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  • yjjjjamhe
    Dexter Season 8 Episode 10 up with her head cut open is because both clips focus on Dexter s plans to leave. Heck, the title is Goodbye Miami. But there are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2013
      Dexter Season 8 Episode 10 up with her head cut open is because both clips focus on Dexter's plans to leave. Heck, the title is "Goodbye Miami." But there are two episodes left to this series, so we know he's not leaving just yet. Of course, Hannah doesn't need to die to stall Dexter's exit, but I can see that being the Episode 10 cliffhanger and the thing to light a fire under Dexter to go after Saxon, and maybe even to retire afterward, realizing what this "lifestyle" has cost him.

      Click here to Watch Online in HD

      Click here to Watch Online in HD

      But to be completely honest, I say all of this about Hannah's days being numbered because there's some part of me that's really scared that it's Deb in Dexter's arms in that preview at the top.

      We'll find out this Sunday night when Dexter airs at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime. Watch the preview for the final three episodes Here.

      UPDATE - Due to it being Labor Day weekend, there's no new Dexter on Sunday, September 1. "Goodbye Miami" is scheduled to air Sunday, September 8.

       Dexter Season 8 is coming to a momentous conclusion with only three episodes left! Next Sunday's episode "Good-bye Miami" looks like an especially deadly installment, at least according to the teaser trailer.

      It seems that Dexter and Hannah [and Harrison] are all preparing to leave Miami for a new life in Argentina. The only thing Dexter has left to do is kill Oliver Saxon, Dr. Vogel's serial killer son. If you remember in Season 4, Dexter couldn't walk away from Trinity. It ended up costing Dexter his first love, Rita.

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      Could pursuing Oliver Saxon cause Hannah's death? The two escaping to Argentina obviously seems too good to be true, and far too happy of an ending. And with two episodes after tonight's we know that Dexter can't leave Miami yet. That doesn't necessarily mean Hannah has to die, but it definitely doesn't bode well for her future. Will Hannah's death be the spark Dexter needs to vanquish Saxon and possibly give up his killing days?

      In the trailer for next week's episode, we know that blood will be spilt. We can see Saxon sawing someone strapped into his chair. Is it the same cyclist lying dead in the road? Since I can't remember any main characters that exercise, let alone cycle, I'm going to say it's someone less important. But whom is Dexter holding in his arms at the end of the trailer? It appears to be a woman with brown hair. Could Saxon have reached Deb while Dexter was preoccupied with his getaway with Hannah?

      Tune in next Sunday, September 8 to find out on Dexter Season 8 Episode 10 "Good-bye Miami" at 9 PM ET on Showtime.
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