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90Party Suite

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  • mwcprogram
    Apr 9, 2013
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      FYI, the following slots have been filled:

      The following party suite slots have been booked as of 4/9.

      FRI – 8pm-10pm – MS7/SG-All/H-5-0/SPN and more: Magnificent Seven, Stargate, Hawaii 5-0, Supernatural, and more. Come share the love!

      SAT – 11am-1pm – Informal Shabbat & Post-Shavout Ice Cream Oneg
      SAT – 3-5pm – Professionals
      SAT – 7-9pm – Fandoms Assemble
      SAT – 9-11pm – Stargate Atlantis/SG-1

      SUN – 11am-1pm – Annual Brunch with the Strachey-Callahans
      SUN – 1pm-3pm – An Unexpected Party

      Slots are still open until May 1st; after that date, you will need to reserve the room at the con as we need to assemble the schedule and program book. Thanks!