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re jummah and new muslim

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    Asalaamu Alaikum Brother, How are you may Allah bless you with all the work you are doing for everone Ameen Thanks for you answer Brother.  my husband is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2012
      Asalaamu Alaikum Brother,

      How are you may Allah bless you with all the work you are doing for everone Ameen

      Thanks for you answer Brother.

       my husband is sending is mother to hajj Inshaallah so hope if Allah wills he will go next time.

       Brother Pital you need to sort things out the longer you leave it the harder it will get and then Shaytaan will came and make you change your mind so put your foot down and break free from your parents we all done it and with Allah's blessing we all found the right path and all our parents went ok after a while so will yours. Dont worry about any thing there is always a way Allah always find the right path for the right person so be strong.


      Assalaamu Alaykum Sister
      Alhamdulillah I am good. Actually went to london on tuesday as I had to attend a wedding.

      Walaykum salaam
      group owner

      Salaam alaikhoum bro.Could you please advise me. I am 60 years old and will be retiring later this year. When I do, my wife and I will start spending the winter months in her home country of Morocco - insha allah. My present place of work is so far from the mosque that I hardly ever get to jummah prayer. In fact I hardly get to the mosque at all - doing all my prayers at home. Even when I do, I feel that I do not belong there and just follow the salat automatically, and then dissapear as soon as the salat is over. If I feel like this in my home town, what will I be like in Morocco, where hardly anyone will speak english? As an aside to this I can see a possible anomaly as far as virtually any local follower of the faith - anywhere will perceive. Due to her understandable concerns regarding "taking advantage of well off (to their eyes) foreigners" by locals, my wife will probably never let me leave wherever we are living unless she is with me. However, since she is a very friendly, outgoing lady; once we get settled she will probably get to know many locals and invitations to her will inevidently follow, and although she says it will not happen, I can see the possibility that the lady will always be out and about on her own and the man will be permanently at home!!, which is the exact opposite of the preferred way of life, islamically, ! Any advice would be welcolm, and also any initial contacts made in advance to any of your followers of this sight on my behalf also! Maasalaama,
      Br. Khalid  

      Assalaamu Alaykum 
      You should try and get time off work for jummah and attend jummah prayers. I think you are looking for something different in a Masjid rather than a place for prayer. Most Muslims go to the Masjid for praying rather than socialising. In the west there is a busy schedule. People do their prayers and go back to work or family as families have need of them and they have need to spend some family time.

      London life has been described as the rat race and being from the north I find some of the behaviour of people in london very different. They dont seem to have any time for anyone. Even the Muslims in London and south England are effected by the local culture.

      You should get the family system the right way round.
      You will have your wife's family so it will be up to you to try and communicate with them and be a part of the extended family. That will inshaAllah help you.

      My nephew has a  Morrocan friend in France and he loves travelling to Morocco.with his friend.
      He learnt basic French in school (i.e gcse level) and has made efforts to learn more of it. 

      Also making friends is an art. Some are good at it and some not so good at it and I have found that ones who are not have to try extra hard.

      Walaykum salaam
      group owner
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