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Hajj and Umrah

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    Assalamu allaikum, I m a muslim sister from Srilanka. Inshallah I m hoping to perform haj with my husband this year. The problem is his vacation
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2012
      Assalamu allaikum,

      I'm a muslim sister from Srilanka. Inshallah I'm hoping to perform haj with my husband this year. The problem is his vacation most probably he'll get 2 to 3 weeks holiday. To fulfil the farl do we have to go to medina? please send me all the details about haj and ummarh what to recite how it was performed by our prophet Mohamed(sal) because people have different ways of doing it. Also visiting the ziyaram, some says there is a prayer to be prayed in medina mosque 40rakath. 

      Please be kind enough to send me all the details with english meaning for duas because i wanted do this in proper way inshallah. May almighty Allaah bless you and all of us and guide us in the right path.


      Assalamu alaykum
      I have sheik uthameens article on how to perform Hajj and umrah on my website www.muslimconverts.com/hajj There is an even easier to understand book called on hajj and umrah made easy by Dr Taqi Hashmi and Adnan Malik It has the duas you need and so and is very good. I may do an easy to understand guide line for Hajj like I did for other things such as prayer and fasting in the future inshaallah. So I suggest read what is on the hajj section and also  buy that book. Darus salam publications produce it and sell it

      As far as going to Madina Sheik Salem al amry said that there is an unathentic  hadith is usually quoted by people regarding saying 40 prays in Madina but there is no authentic hadith about going to Madina during the hajj. Thus going to Madina is not part of the hajj. But if one can go he should go because of the reward of praying in the Prophets Masjid.

      From peoples various experiences of going hajj I would suggest that you go with an agent which is known for its strict adherence to quran and sunnah.

      One of my friends brother had this idea of trying to find the cheapest package available. He ended up missing some of the rituals. For visiting historical places, some will take you even to the wrong places.

      For instance when we went for umrah 12-13 years ago my brothers hired a Taxi driver to take us to Madina. They told him take us to places of importance. He ended up being shia and took us to some of the wrong places.

      When my nephew and sister in law went hajj a few years ago i suggested to him a hajj package provider in London because I know the brothers and they are Mashaallah very good. The Brother who heads the groups graduated from Dar al hadith in Makkah. he usually holds a workshop before the hajj so that ones going with him know what exactly they are supposed to do and so they can get to know each other so that if there are any problems whilst on hajj then they can be solved easier and quicker. Although their packages are quite expensive its well worth knowing that you have done your hajj properly according to quran and hadith. My family had a very good experience with them.

      Also if you can go to Madina do try to go even if its for a few hours. The Prophets grave is there, His masjid, the graves of  the Sahabah and sahabiyat, Our whole history is in Makkah and Madina and surrounding. Read the book Ar raqeek al mukhtun several times before you go. I have that online
      http://muslimconverts.com/e-books/sealed_nectar/sealed_nectar_page.htm and the book comanders of the Muslim armies. These two books will help you imagine what the place was like and what happened and the importance of those events.

      When you go to mount uhud remember how the war was fought, why so many became shaheed (martyrs), What kind of people were they, why did they even come out to fight, why didnt they just say let others go and we busy with work, family and dont fell like getting hurt or killed, Were peaceful people we dont like this fighting stuff, we just want to stay in our homes and live peacefully and bother no one, We just want to do our prays, grow beards, have thoabs above ankles, fast, talk about tawheed, enjoy our 1-4 wives and spent time with our kids,  What are the martyrs promised, the bravery of the Prophet peace be upon him, what is the difference between the Muslims then and today's Muslims,

      When you are running between the two hills imagine why you are doing it, what is the history behind it. What are the lessons from that history.

      Many people treat the hajj just like a series of obstacle courses . They just do what the supposed to without thinking why. When they go mount uhud they just want to see the scenery. That's the mountain, There's people on it, shall we go climb on it, oh its not very big is it, Maybe they shouldnt let people go on it that's why its become small, Oh yeh that a grave yard. Then they look around thinking what do we do here, its bit boring. Ok lets go some were else now.

      When they come home , nasty relatives are there to ask em if they did everything in hope to catch them out and say oh they didnt perform hajj properly. If they didnt go to all the places they will say oh yeh we went to all the places (inside they know the missed a place or two). Or they will say oh yeh it was so hard and so hot, Yet if they play football for hours in the freezing weather or in the summer heat, they dont complain  much about running around being out of breath, getting hurt from a bad tackle.

      I remember when we were going round the Kabbah. Some suggested we put a hand on the shoulder of the person in front of us (make a train) that way we wont get separated and do it quickly so can get back to the hotel, After a while I realised you will end up knocking people out of your way. The whole point of hajj and umrah is to have your sins forgiven not add to them. Also what's the big hury. I thought forget everyone, I am going to do this properly let them say what they want. Some were laughing  saying oh he always gets lost, he always takes too long. He's not clever like us. I was thinking how stupid people are that even with degrees they cant see mistakes they doing.

      As i said I only went to the umrah but it was just after the hajj so many of those doing hajj were there still and it was amazing experience.
      InshaAllah if I can I will go hajj this year too.

      Walaykum salam
      group owner
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