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Re :hijab in schools and exams

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    Salam to all and to sister Shazia, Maybe there is someone who can help you study for the exam. My mum was a teacher and she told me there are many different
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2005
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      Salam to all and to sister Shazia,

      Maybe there is someone who can help you study for the exam. My mum
      was a
      teacher and she told me there are many different ways of learning.
      people learning by hearing, some by writing it down, some by
      reading. Maybe
      you can speak with a teacher and ask for help learning the material -
      the teacher can assign a tutor to you to help you study. If you have
      library at your school maybe the librarian can help you find a book
      study skills. It could be that your study skills need to be
      Where do you live and where do you go to school? You say your friends
      passed the exam - maybe one or more of your friends would be willing
      help you study? Do you think you could talk to your teacher and ask
      his/her suggestions.
      When I was in elementary school, I had a hard time learning to
      spell. I
      didn't have the right study skills. One of my friends told me how she
      studied for spelling tests. I studied the words on our spelling list
      week the way my friend told me to and I was able to pass all my
      exams from then on.
      You can email me off the list if you want.
      sr. Candi Hurliman
      Sandy OR USA


      Dear sister shazia,
      Make duaa before every exam and before you start studying, pay
      attentin in class and try to do your best.

      Akhtiq Fe Aldeen

      As salaamu 'alaykum Shazia
      I feel your pain regarding school and your grades not being up
      to par. Do not compare yourself with other students. Only
      concentrate on
      yourself. I used to have test anxiety before exams and it does affect
      your thinking.

      By the grace and mercy of Allah (swt) my grades went up and stayed
      He is Most Powerful. Just trust in Him. "And on Allah let the
      rely"...go for your next exam with confidence and a prayer.
      I hope this helps you along the way, just keep doing this, insha
      your grades will improve.

      Sincerely, Ruqayyah


      Assalamo Alaikom sister Azza,

      Your school must permit you in this manner. Please do ask your
      nearer muslim advisers who are around you to help you over it.
      please do try to wear and if whatever happen that you are to be kick
      out or offended then go to higher authority of education near you.
      What i mean is that you have that right for that is our right to our
      religion, Islam.
      If you go farther research on that , you will win that trials given
      by Allah.
      please do tell what school do you go to? What country and please ,
      bear in mind that it is our duty to fulfill in our deen, Islam. May
      you will be guided accordingly.Im like you at once, but i survived
      that part ,Alhamdulilah im wearing it. I am the only muslim woman
      wearing hijab in our school. Im a teacher in elememtary. Please do a
      first step and if not given a chance . Don't hesitate to write.
      Allah bless us all women fighting for hijab. Allahu Akbar!
      Sister Jasmin

      As Salamu Alaikum Brother Abu Ubaida,

      I read the comments that you made in reference to sending responses
      questions that were already answered. I would like to say to you
      that, sometimes we
      receive emails late and are mislead to believe that we are answering
      in a
      timely matter. So please forgive some of us, and remember to always
      put the best
      construction on a situation. Don't think that we do it to seem
      Insha Allah TA. : ).


      Sister Azza the school probably is not allowed to have that
      conditions as it is in A Muslim country. If it came to the crunch
      and you were to stir up trouble for them say by complaining to a
      judge then then they would back down.

      You said that there is a good brother that you want to marry in 5
      years time when you are 20 years old. Well you need not wait that
      long. You should get married as soon as you you can depending if
      the brother is able to look after you or his fmaily will be willing
      to look after you both. Obviously you will need permision of your

      Then apply to Umm al qurra university in Makkah and try to become a
      sheika and inshaAllah teach sisters.

      Also dont worry what your mother says. You are the youth and you
      need to become a scholar of Islam so that you can teach the new
      generation of Muslims Islam.

      Sister Shazia there are many things that you can do to improve your
      results. First by doing dua and then by experimenting with diffrent
      techniques. You have to find out what works for you. If you have say
      good understanding but not so good memory then you can do diagrams
      to help to memorise and as soon as you go inside the exam room and
      are told to start exam. Draw those diagrams at the back of the exam
      paper and then when your answering the question on that topic you
      can refer to your diagram. This worked worked well for me as my
      understanding was much better than my memory.

      Similary if your understanding is not good but your memry is then
      you can memorise standard questions. Most questions asked ar every
      similar and will be on similar topics. You cna start by memorsing
      those topics that are most likely to come up then after youy have
      done that try to memorise what next is lkely to come up etc.

      Also you have to realise we are are made different. Some people no
      matter how clever find certain subjects too difficult and other
      subjects relatively easy. Ive knwo some peopel who worked extremely
      hard at moaths and kept flunking it year after year but with
      subjects like law and english they were very good. And similarly i
      have know people who were top of class in maths , chemistry and
      physics but he kept flunking english.

      So you have to see which subject you are good at. Sometime parents
      force their children to do subjects that they are hopless at.

      Also every one is blessed with individual academic ability. Just
      like a people are blessed with diffrent bodies. Some who is blessed
      to be one 5 foot 4 inches can not be blamed for not being 6 foot
      tall. So you ahve to explain to your parrenst that you did your best
      and its no ones fault that you flunked your exams and they should
      not look down on you becase you may not be as good acedemically as
      others. What matters is how much taqwa a persons has not his
      academic or physical features.

      Unfortunatelly in the east this is a problem that parrents think
      that every child should get high grades and if they do not they look
      down on the child. Thats why parrents need to be taught certain
      facts of life when it comes to education through the meida and by
      teachers on parrents evenings.

      Sisters Seyeeda the emails should recah members within a say a few
      minutes of me posted them. I am sending this email on wendesday 3rd
      of August at 10:25 pm british time so it should get to teh brotehrs
      and sisters well before 11pm british time

      If any brother or sister recieves it say a 2 days late then please
      let me know.

      walikum salam
      group owner
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