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Re: [biac.announcements] REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: Conference of the Palestinian Shatat in North America, Vancouver, May 3-5

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  • Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta
    Hi all, In response to a query from me as to whether non Palestinians/Arabs ... -- Charlotte L. Kates charlotte.kates@gmail.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2013

      Hi all,

      In response to a query from me as to whether non Palestinians/Arabs were also invited, Charlotte Kates wrote:
      . . . The conference prioritizes the participation and attendance of Palestinians and Arabs (and this is the theme of most of the workshops - around revitalizing the Palestinian national movement), but non-Palestinians are welcome to attend and support. I hope that helps! 

      -Pleaseshare with your lists, colleagues, friends, and fellow Palestinian activists! - 


      REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: Conference of the Palestinian Shatat in North America
      May3-5, 2013
      Vancouver,BC, Canada

      Registration is NOW OPEN for the Conference of the Palestinian Shatat in North America! This conference - which will take place in Vancouver on May 3-5, 2013 - will bring together Palestinian and Arab organizers, activists and community members to discuss our collective role as Palestinians in our liberation movement and assert our voice as Palestinians in shatat/exile.

      There is more information about the conference at our website, palestinianconference.org Thisconference is being organized from the ground up, and will benefit from the active involvement and participation of Palestinian organizations and organizers across North America. The conference will include facilitated workshops, plenary discussions, conversations, and presentations – it welcomes your participation, your voice, and your active involvement in reclaiming the voice of the shatat. 

      Registerearly and save! Early bird special: March 11 - March 24: $25
      EarlyRegistration: March 25 -  April 7, $35
      GeneralRegistration: April 8 - April 22, $45
      LateRegistration: April 23 - May 1, $55
      Registrationcloses on May 1st.

      We will soon be posting accommodations information.If you have any questions, or require solidarity housing, please email us at housing@....

      Highlightsof the program include the two KEYNOTE PLENARIES:

      PALESTINIANREPRESENTATION: Raising Our Voices in the Shatat in North America

      ThePLO is historically regarded as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, an overarching mechanism by which we all came together to deliberate on the strategies of our national movement. In this plenary, we will discuss the histories of political representation in our national movement, and what representation might mean today.  Someof the questions addressed will include: What did the PLO look like, what does it look like now, and how/can it be remade? What can we learn from our earlier revolutionary histories? How has the current lack of representation impacted our struggle, and our ability to develop a coherent and cohesive national strategy for liberation and return? How do we create representation bodies that are inclusive of all our people and forces, and serve the needs of our national movement? How do we embody our demands for popular and democratic representation in our own communities and associations?  

      LOOKINGBACK, FORGING FORWARD: Strengthening our Organizing in the Shatat

      Thisplenary will examine Palestinian organizing in the shatat, looking at the past and moving to the present day.  We will discuss the reasons and implications for how different methods and mechanisms came to frame our organizing as part of our liberation movement, and consider frameworks moving forward. Some of the questions addressed will include: What have been the organizing trends within the history of our movement? What has been the historical role of students, workers, and women? How do we forge our role and revitalize our sense of national responsibility in the shatat? How do our communities currently organize? What internal and external challenges are confronting our communities? How do we build community accountability and organizing discipline? How can we imagine and strategize ways to connect our organizing in North America with our brothers and sisters on the ground and in exile?

      This is a critical time for the Palestinian people and the national liberation movement, and this conference is an opportunity to connect, build and mobilize our people in North America. Conference participants will not only gain knowledge, but are expected to commit themselves to collectively and democratically working together to re-build and revive our national liberation movement.

      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY - Confirmthe special Early Bird Rate!

      Conference of the Palestinian Shatat in North America

      Charlotte L. Kates     charlotte.kates@...

      Charlotte L. Kates     charlotte.kates@...

      Charlotte L. Kates     charlotte.kates@...

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