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Plant TREES and JUSTICE on Tu be-Shvat -- Jewish New Year of the Trees -- join our seder, Tues eve, Feb 7

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  • David Mivasair
    Friends, I am proud to be a member of Rabbis for Human Rights . In Vancouver, Ahavat Olam Synagogue
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2012

      Friends, I am proud to be a member of Rabbis for Human Rights.  In Vancouver, Ahavat Olam Synagogue is directly supporting an RHR initiative to plant 3,000 olive saplings to help replace some of the tens of thousands destroyed by fanatic Israeli settlers.  Join us. 
      Come to our Tu be-Shvat Seder on Tuesday evening, Feb 7, with a donation of $18 (or more) or go directly to the RHR website here.  – David

      Rabbi David Mivasair

      Plant Trees and Justice for Tu bi-Shvat

      Plant Two Trees: One in the Palestinian Territories and One in the Negev.

      News of Jewish settlers carrying out “price tag” attacks against Palestinians, Israeli peace activists, and even the Israeli army has been deeply disturbing. These destructive acts have included uprooting or poisoning thousands of olive trees belonging to Palestinian families. This vandalism threatens the livelihood of these families, who support themselves by selling olives and olive oils. And these brutal acts run counter to the biblical injunction to protect trees, even in times of conflict.

      This year, Rabbis for Human Rights in Israel will plant more than 3000 olive trees in the Palestinian Territories; throughout the year, rabbis, rabbinical students, and lay people volunteer to plant trees, and to harvest olives side-by-side with Palestinian farmers.

      Rabbis for Human Rights will also be leading a tree planting initiative in the Negev this Tu be-Shvat in support of Bedouin Israeli citizens whose homes are threatened with demolition. These citizens live in villages that pre-date the State of Israel, but that have never been recognized by the government. By helping these “unrecognized villages” plant trees, we help to create agricultural and environmental sustainability there.

      In the United States and Canada, Rabbis for Human Rights-North America is proud to harness the voices of 1800 rabbis of all streams of Judaism to oppose settler violence and advocate for human rights protections for Palestinians and Israelis. Join us in planting not just trees, but hope for a better future.

      Yes! I want to celebrate Tu be-Shvat by planting olive trees and justice.*  RHR direct donation link

      *It takes more than saplings to plant trees. Purchases of olive trees will support Rabbis for Human Rights in Israel and Rabbis for Human Rights-North America’s agricultural direct service and advocacy program. This includes the direct cost of trees, staff time, transportation for volunteers, and advocacy in Israel and North America to stop settler violence.



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