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Help Americans elect Obama, if you want -- make phone calls, very easy!

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  • David Mivasair
    Earth.JPGSalaam, shalom. I just did this and it feels GOOD! If you want, it s very easy to get names, phone numbers and all necessary details of voters in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2008
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      Earth.JPGSalaam, shalom.  I just did this and it feels GOOD

      If you want, it’s very easy to get names, phone numbers and all necessary details of voters in Pennsylvania and other swing states and help the Obama campaign.

      (Just for clarity’s sake here, I’m not trying to persuade anyone to change their political views, but rather sharing info on how to act and not stand passively by.)

      You can reach people in just a few minutes.  You’ll talk with real, live American voters right in their homes and link them into the local campaign to get the vote out.  People are really excited and glad to hear from you.  You can give them vital info like the location of their polling place and the times it’s open, etc.

      To do this, go to www.mybarackobama.com

      If you don’t already have an account, quickly and easily create one by following the directions on the screen.  If you’re in Canada and don’t have a U.S. ZIP code, please use my old one from Pennsylvania.  It’s 16801.  It’s fine to use it.  Go right ahead.  Put in your own phone and address.  All that really counts is the ZIP and, actually, that doesn’t even matter except to get you into the system.  It is 100% kosher for Canadians to try to help with this.

      Then, log in and go to the page for “contact voters” and follow the directions there.  You will be able to choose which critically important state you want to phone into and get a list of voters with info about them.  This is a very direct way to make a difference.  I recommend calling Pennsylvania because it is still a swing state and very rich in electoral votes.  If you have any questions, there is a free number you can call or just call me at (604) 781-7839.  It’s all over a few hours from now tomorrow.  So, do what you can today.



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