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Re:Dershowitz on Book TV

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    I agree with Ellen s approach in writing to BookTV/CSPAN (and thanks for clarifying that this is CSPAN, not NPR, Ellen!). I also agree with David Mivasair that
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 1, 2007
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      I agree with Ellen's approach in writing to BookTV/CSPAN (and thanks for clarifying that this is CSPAN, not NPR, Ellen!). 
      I also agree with David Mivasair that the best function of this list isn't to issue position statements itself -- that that's better for individual members or groups of members to do independently of this list, so no one feels like a "second class member" or less than fully welcome, just because they disagree with some other list members' position on an issue. 
      I think that we can accomplish most in this BookTV effort by cleaving very close to the issue that Book TV treated Carter and his book very differently from other books and authors, and by noting how transparent it is that some fairly extraordinary kind of pressure, or fear of harassment, must have caused the producers to depart so sharply from from their normal balanced procedure, and to showcase a vehement partisan like Dershowitz in the name of "balance". 
      I think we need to refrain from stating some litany of criticisms of Israel.  Doing that will give the BookTV producers too easy an out -- dismissing us as vehement partisans whose real agenda isn't to challenge their partisan treatment of Carter and their subjecting him to a very atypical and hostile form of criticism -- but that we just want to pressure them into making their coverage more critical of Israel.  That we are no more principled than a hardliner who idealizes Dershowitz, and that our real objective is to force our own political bias into the media -- not to establish genuinely unbiased media. 
      We don't want to give them that easy excuse to duck the issues we are raising. 
      If I come up with my own version of Ellen's letter, I will post it for people to crtique, adapt or whatever. 
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