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Response to tragedy in Seattle

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  • Humanity Check
    August 31, 2006 Dear friends, Muslim interfaith peace activist Ali Salaam Mahmoud of Seattle sent this message to the community, in response to the recent
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      August 31, 2006

      Dear friends,

      Muslim interfaith peace activist Ali Salaam Mahmoud of Seattle sent
      this message to the community, in response to the recent tragedy at
      Seattle's Jewish Federation.

      For those with friends or contacts in the Seattle area, please also
      forward the notice of memorial events on Tuesday and Wednesday,
      August 1 and 2, 2006 (following Mr. Mahmoud’s statement).

      Al Salaam Alaikum. Shalom. Namaste. Peace.
      David Hoffman
      Humanity Check interfaith peace and reconciliation project
      Santa Rosa, California (USA)


      Op-ED sent to Seattle and National Print Media

      Seattle's Tragedy: Injustice is Injustice; Wrong is Wrong.

      The horrific and malevolent murders that marred the face of the
      Seattle community yesterday are a devastating reminder of the tragic
      state of world affairs. Now as a community we share one of those
      frozen suspended moments in time. We all now possess a memory
      that will be difficult to erase; a gaping wound in our collective hearts
      that needs healing.

      The loss to the families of the victims is too immense to comprehend.
      We can say that we condemn the violence that is easy. The brutal
      rape of these families' souls by this tragedy is only truly
      comprehended by them. A scar
      has been reopened on the soul of our Jewish community and is

      The perpetrator of this dastardly crime has abandoned teachings of
      Muhammad, Jesus and Moses (peace be upon them all). He failed in
      the challenge to his moral consciousness. Now, as a community the
      challenge to our collective heart and souls is greater.

      Let no one diminish the lesson to be learned by politicizing this
      tragedy. Let no one scorch the wounds of our neighbors whose
      anguish and grief leaves them sleepless and asking why. Yesterday's
      tragedy is a world tragedy that will be repeated and repeated until we
      finally learn that we are all just humans fulfilling our need to belong.

      I pray for the victims families as they begin their long journey of
      grief. I am reminded to pray for the thousands upon thousands of
      families throughout the world that they will join on this journey. I am
      reminded that yes, as
      Americans we are failing in 'wanting for others what we want for

      Ali-Salaam Mahmoud
      Muslim American
      Seattle, Washington
      July 29, 2006

      Please Forward As You Choose.

      <FONT face=Arial><FONT color=#800000><FONT color=#000000>Salaam
      Alaikum.  Shalom.  Namaste.  Peace. 
      <DIV align=left><FONT face=Arial><FONT color=#800000><FONT color=#000000><BR>--
      David L. Hoffman</FONT></FONT></FONT></DIV>
      <DIV align=left><FONT face=Arial><FONT color=#800000><FONT
      color=#000000>Coordinator</FONT><BR></FONT><FONT face=Verdana
      color=#008000><STRONG>Humanity Check</STRONG> interfaith peace and
      reconciliation project</FONT><BR>No. 357, 122 Calistoga Road<BR>Santa Rosa, CA
      <DIV align=left>U.S.A.<BR>(707) 538-8495<BR>e-mail:  <A
      href="mailto:humanitycheck@..."><FONT face="Times New Roman"
      color=#000000>humanitycheck@...</FONT></A>  </DIV>
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      <DIV><FONT face=Arial>web site:  </FONT><FONT
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