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Feed the Hungry Project - an invitation to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters

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  • mmivasair@aol.com
    Asalamu Aleikum! As many of your know, a project to feed the hungry grew out out of a small Muslim-Jewish dialogue group this winter. Although I was not part
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      Asalamu Aleikum!

      As many of your know, a project to feed the hungry grew out out of a small Muslim-Jewish dialogue group this winter.  Although I was not part of that group (so please forgive me if I get some of this wrong), I believe the intention was that Muslims and Jews would provide food for the poor in the Downtown Eastside together.  Projects bring closeness — they have a purpose beyond the stated purpose.  Joint projects allow us to get to know each other.

      Last month, May 15 was our first date.  We really did a beautiful job — the people were very pleased with the quality of food we provided and we all had a blast.  There were over 100 people fed at a sit-down lunch with tablecloths and flowers.  Where would these people eat on May 15 if we were not there?

      It was also wonderful being with Muslims I hardly know and the Jews I know (and those I hardly know).  The project planners were right — working together is powerful.  Even at our meetings, having a mixed Jewish Muslim group is something different from an all Jewish group (and of course an all Muslim group). 

      We noted last night, that there were way more Jews than Muslims at the lunch.  And we understand that this may be because the Jews are coming from one synagogue — we have a built in community.  The Muslims on this list are not members of one organization.  You are more disparate.  One Muslim (as if we only have one identity) also thought that there were no issues between Muslims and Jews besides the Palestinian issue — so that is why fewer Muslims showed up.  And I think there are many reasons why we should come together — a shared vision of the Holy One, a similar vision of our purpose on this earth, and so much more.  All of these are reasons to be together.

      Anyway out of our planning session last night we agreed to the following:
      1.  We want to maintain our project as a Muslim-Jewish Project.
      2.  We appointed co-chairs - Sandy Goldman and Melanie Yearow.
      3.  We are holding an additional co-chair position for a Muslim.
      4.  We will insure that if Muslims sign up to volunteer, we will ask Jews not to come so that the mix is more equalized.
      5.  We will advertise what we are doing on the 'p-i-e" e-mail list and the 2 local Muslim newspapers.

      Below is a short memo from Sandy providing dates and plans.  Please forward your interest to participate to me (Michal Mivasair), Sandy Goldman (goldman_sandy@...) or Melanie Yearow (karmicangel@...).

      And of course, please feel to reply to this e-mail.
      Michal Mivasair

      Forwarded from Sandy:

      Hi Everyone,

      This is just a quick note to advise you that our planning group met last
      night and have confirmed dates for two more Sunday lunches:

      -Sunday, June 19

      -Sunday, July 24

      Thereafter, we hope to do this work on the 3rd Sunday of each month until
      the end of December, at which time we'll take a breather, take stock and
      decide on future directions. We will publish the dates of Aug-December
      events once they are confirmed with the church.

      We've also decided to stick with the same menu of egg salad and cheese
      sandwiches and potato salad with some slight variations (no soup, different
      desserts perhaps featuring seasonal fruit etc)

      Hopefully we will be arranging a mechanism where people can sign up in
      advance for certain tasks like kitchen prep, table setting, coffee table,
      greeters, circulators, clean up etc. So watch for upcoming notices about

      In the meantime, please mark your calendars for the two confirmed dates

      And thank you in advance for your continued commitment to this worthy


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