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CONF: Morales Colloquium, Oxford, 9-11 September

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    Cristóbal de Morales (d. 1553) New interpretations: works, influences, reception An International Colloquium to mark the 450th Anniversary of his Death
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2003
      Cristóbal de Morales (d. 1553)
      New interpretations: works, influences, reception
      An International Colloquium to mark the 450th Anniversary of his Death

      University of Oxford, 9­11 September 2003
      Organised in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes, London

      Tuesday 9 September

      4-5.30 pm: Registration: The Queen’s College

      6 pm, All Souls College
      Opening recital by A Capella Portuguesa

      6.30 pm, All Souls College
      Professor Robert Stevenson (University of California, Los Angeles)
      Landmark contributions to Cristóbal de Morales scholarship, 1953­2003

      Followed by reception in The Queen’s College

      Wednesday 10 September

      10 am, All Souls College
      Session 1: Spanish sources and traditions

      10: Dr Michael Noone (Cornell University)
      Vandals or conservators? The Nuevo rezado, Toledo scribes, and the case of Morales’s Toledo Lamentations

      10.40: Dr Kenneth Kreitner (University of Memphis)
      ‘Morales’ and Tarazona 2/3

      11.20: coffee

      11.40: Dr Grayson Wagstaff (Catholic University of America)
      Morales and the Spanish traditions

      12.20: Bruno Turner (Almeria, Spain)
      Aspects of tunes: reflections on some hispanic melodies for Office Hymns in the time of Morales

      1: lunch

      2.40 pm, All Souls College
      Session 2: Parody techniques & networks of influence

      2.40: Dr Alison Sanders McFarland (Louisiana State University)
      Morales, ‘parody’ technique, and the Missa Vulnerasti cor meum

      3.20: Stephen Rice (University of Oxford)
      Multiple layers of borrowing in Sancta Maria motets by Morales and his contemporaries

      4: tea

      4.30: Dr Cristle Collins Judd (University of Pennsylvania)
      Multi-layered models: compositional approaches in the 1540s to Si bona suscepimus

      5.10: Dr David Kidger (Oakland University)
      Morales and the New Motet Style of the early 1540s: the ‘Morales’ prints of Gardano and Scotto

      8.30 pm, Chapel of The Queen’s College
      Concert by the Brabant Ensemble, dir. Stephen Rice
      Verdelot to Victoria: Morales & his circle

      Thursday 11 September

      10 am & 2.40 pm, All Souls College
      Session 3: Transmission, reception, perceptions

      10: Dr Tess Knighton (University of Cambridge)
      Morales in print: distribution and ownership in Renaissance Spain

      10.40: Dr Martin Ham (University of Surrey)
      Morales at the periphery: sources in Germany and the Low Countries

      11.20: coffee

      11.40: Prof. Robert Stevenson (University of California, Los Angeles)
      Morales’s voice in the viceroyalties

      12.20: Dr Cristina Urchueguía (Frankfurt)
      De mortuis nihil nisi bene, pero
      Cristóbal de Morales: Por una nueva edición de su misas tras RISM B XV

      1: lunch

      2.40: Dr Bernadette Nelson (Royal Holloway, University of London)
      Morales’s contribution to the hispanic Pange lingua tradition and an anonymous Tantum ergo

      3.20: Dr Emilio Ros-Fábregas (Universidad de Granada)
      Cristóbal de Morales: a problem of musical mysticism and national identity in Spanish historiography

      4: tea

      4.30: Round-table discussion—New interpretations: works, influences, reception

      7.15 pm, Chapel of The Queen’s College
      Concert by Ensemble Plus Ultra, dir. Michael Noone
      La luz de España en la música: Morales rediscovered



      For complete conference, including concerts, coffee, and tea: GBP32 (students GBP22)

      For complete conference, including coffee and tea but excluding concerts: GPB20 (students GBP15)

      For all or part of each full day (Wednesday and Thursday): GBP15 (students GPB10) including concert, or GBP10 (students GBP7) excluding concert

      There is no need to register for the colloquium beforehand, but please inform the coordinators if you wish to attend the recital in All Souls at 6 pm on the Tuesday, since seating is limited.

      Conference organisation:
      Bernadette Nelson
      Owen Rees
      Stephen Rice
      Margaret Bent


      Dr Owen Rees, The Queen’s College, Oxford, OX1 4AW, UK
      Tel. +44 (0)1865 279173
      Fax. +44 (0)1865 790819
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