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JOB: RIPM Research and Funding Coordinator

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    RIPM: International Index to Nineteenth-Century Music Periodicals (for information see www.nisc.com/ RIPM)
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       RIPM: International Index to Nineteenth-Century Music Periodicals
      (for information see www.nisc.com/RIPM)
      Published under the auspices of the
      International Musicological Society,
      International Association of Music Libraries, Archives,and Documentation Centres
      UNESCO's International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
        RIPM is seeking the services of a full-time
        Research and Funding Coordinator
        Responsibilities include: 
        (1) coordinating the work of RIPM's collaborators in some fifteen countries
        (2) preparing grant proposals in collaboration with the Director
        (3) coordinating RIPM's online full-text music periodicals initiative
        (4) participating in RIPM's data entry process
        (5) representing RIPM at national and international meetings and conferences
        (6) maintaining a quarterly information bulletin
        (7) editing scholarly texts and promotional materials.
      Minimum qualifications:  a Masters degree in Library Science (music specialization) and previous work experience, or, a Ph.D. in Musicology, with emphasis in nineteenth- or early twentieth-century studies.  Experience in one or more of the following areas is desirable: information technology, music bibliography, editing, grant writing, and administration. Foreign language skills are sought but not essential.
      The position is intended for a "hands-on" "get-things-done" person with strong interests in bibliography and information technology. The candidate should be interested in pursuing a wide range of activities, working within an international context, and developing creative solutions to problems.
      In the years ahead we expect this position to grow in importance within the RIPM organization, with commensurate movements of salary and benefits.  For this reason it should not be viewed as a "fill-in" position before or between appointments as college/university music librarian or professor. 
      Applications should include a Curriculum Vitae, the names and addresses (email if possible) of three individuals familiar with applicant's work, and a writing sample (e.g., published article or book, grant application, unpublished research paper). 
      Search Committee
      RIPM International Center
      The Wyman Towers
      3100 St. Paul St. Suite 511
      Baltimore, Maryland 21218.
      Applications will be examined on 1 May 2002.
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