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  • Pete King (August 8, 1914, Ohio – September 21, 1982) was a prolific American music composer and arranger of easy listening music and film soundtracks. He studied music at the Cincinnati Conservatory and the University of Michigan . [1] He was elected president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in 1967. [2] King conducted orchestras for a variety of Hollywood...
    Lou@... Aug 9
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    Lou@... Aug 2
  • At 2015's midpoint: THE MUSIC OF THE STARS With LOU RUGANI - 7 am CDT to 11 over WLIP 1050 and worldwide in stereo at www.wlip.com .
    Lou@... Jul 5
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  • " The best thing on the radio, bar none " said Live Air magazine. Sundays 7 - 11 am CDT, and worldwide in stereo at www.wlip.com .
    Lou@... May 16
  • "Seldom does a song writer or any other creator meet a person interested in his particular field who doesn't firmly believe that composing a song isn't a snap, something that's dashed off in a moment, or that's dreamed up during a peaceful slumber. So many people seem to think that there's a stirring melodramatic story behind each song. That's not so. I'm sorry if this spoils any...
    Lou@... Apr 7
  • THE MUSIC OF THE STARS With Lou Rugani - Sundays, 7 to 11 AM CDT over WLIP AM 1050 and worldwide at www.wlip.com .
    Lou@... Apr 5
  • The Peggy King Story The Peggy King Story This is a sampler of the career of iconic American singer, Peggy King. Re. permission to use: I believe that most of the video clips are in the public domain... View on www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo
    Lou@... Feb 22
  • T he MUSIC OF THE STARS With LOU RUGANI for this St. Valentine's weekend: BALLROOM - A Love Story. 7-11 am today over WLIP, and worldwide at www.wlip.com .
    Lou@... Feb 15
  • Vinyl records making comeback in the music industry by Emily Doherty, Torch Opinions Editor Jen Kvasnicka Torch Opinions Writer If you have stepped foot in any Urban Outitters, or a related store, you may have noticed the collection of “vintage inspired” Crosley Record Players adorning the walls in the the front display section of the store. These record players come in a...
    Lou@... Jan 18
  • 7 to 11 AM, and worldwide at www.wlip.com .
    Lou@... Dec 28, 2014