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Mike McGuire Releases Country- Americana Classic Beyond The Ark

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  • MuzikMan
    Louisville, Kentucky-August, 31, 2011-Mike McGuire s guitar and voice unify to create a new classic for Country and Americana fans to enjoy titled Beyond The
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      Louisville, Kentucky-August, 31, 2011-Mike McGuire's guitar and
      voice unify to create a new classic for Country and Americana fans to
      enjoy titled Beyond The Ark.

      The singer/songwriter/musician has blurred the lines of genres and age
      groups with something everyone can relate to and appreciate both
      lyrically and musically.

      In addition to Mike McGuire on Beyond The Ark musicians Phil Stirgwolt
      (guitar, banjo, and mandolin), Rico Thomas (bass), Scott Kiper {guitar},
      Mike Alger (drums) and Mike Schroeder (mandolin,fiddle) were key players
      to solidify the recording into a magnificent blend of Country and

      Tracks such as "Nobody Says Nothing (Quite Like You)" will
      resonate with those who have a good sense of humor and sharp wit while
      songs like "Leaving New Orleans" have so much power that it was featured
      in a German news documentary {WDR Radio} on the 5 year anniversary of

      As Beyond The Arkcontinues to gain popularity with listeners young and
      old alike it will easily become one of those recordings that will
      transcend time itself. Its simplicity yet poignant lyrics reach
      listeners in a special way. Americana singer-songwriter Mike McGuire
      travels a land of heavy weather, echoing church bells, sad tales and
      long memories. But he never lets go of the one thing that binds us
      together: Faith, in ourselves, in our future paths, in our country.
      It's something that adds a sustaining power to Beyond The Ark.

      Something Else!/No Depression - Nick DeRiso

      For more information on Beyond The Ark visit Mike's home on the web
      <http://www.mikemcguirebandvista.com> .

      Company: Okolona Music
      Contact: Mike McGuire
      Address: Louisville KY
      Email <mcguire.m@...>
      Website <http://www.mikemcguirebandvista.com>
      CD Baby Link <http://www.mikemcguirebandvista.com>
      Source Link <http://www.muzikreviews.com/news_mikemcguire.php>

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