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[MURG] Storage for mind uploads

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  • Randal Koene
    Hi all, Check out these beautiful (but currently vaporware) specs: http://www.theregister.co.uk/990809-000015.html UK boffins unveil $35 2300GB on a PC Card
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 1999
      Hi all,

      Check out these beautiful (but currently vaporware) specs:


      UK boffins unveil $35 '2300GB on a PC Card' RAM breakthrough

      A team of UK researchers from Keele University have developed a
      "three-dimensional memory system"
      which, they claim, offers the highest storage densities ever achieved.

      In fact, the technology can squeeze 2300GB into a PC Card-sized device,
      according to yesterday's
      Mail on Sunday.

      And the system is scalable so that even a wristwatch could contain
      100GB of storage capacity.

      And alongside the technological breakthrough came a rare example of
      British entrepreneurship: Keele
      and capital management company Cavendish Management Resources (CMR)
      have formed a JV, Keele
      High Density, to market and license the technology. We Brits have long
      had a reputation of coming up
      with cracking innovations but being completely unable to exploit them.

      CMR MD Mike Downey was particularly bullish about the innovation,
      describing it as "big as the
      creation of the microchip". He predicted the technology would eliminate
      the hard drive, and that once
      the new memory system goes into production, units will cost only #35 to

      Maybe, but that may be a little way off. The technology, which,
      according to the MoS report, exploits
      the storage properties of a new family of alloys, is currently awaiting
      various patents to be granted --
      which is probably why the team isn't too keen on discussing how it
      works. Further development work
      needs to be done to get the technology ready for mass production.

      However, the researchers, led by Professor Ted Williams, who cuts a Sir
      Clive Sinclair-style figure but
      can at least, having led the development of the nuclear magnetic
      resonance scanner, claim to have
      invented something useful, said the technology can be easily
      incorporated into existing computer


      '2300GB on a PC Card' RAM technology: more details

      More details have emerged regarding the amazing '2300GB on a PC Card'
      memory technology
      developed by a Keele University team led by the remarkable Professor
      Ted Williams.

      (Even as we speak, Register scriptwriters are working on the pilot
      episode of Prof. Ted, Craggy Island's
      very own quantum mechanic: "Feck! Girls! Many-particle Wave

      The team's system crams 86GB of data storage per square centimetre of
      physical medium, and uses a
      magneto-optical system to read, erase and write data within the solid
      state system. That allows, claim
      the researchers, a data access rate of 100Mbps.

      We also learn that Cavendish Management Resources (CMR), which is
      providing the business brains
      behind the Keele/CMR joint venture, Keele High Density, is also
      pioneering the following scientific
      curiousities, among others:

      "Zodee -- A disposable toilet cleaning device which avoids the hygiene
      problems associated with
      conventional toilet brushes. With major application in hotels and
      hospitals, this product is likely to be of
      interest to manufacturers, and downstream processors, of paper tissue."

      The Register says: Expect Intel to launch its Downstream processor Real
      Soon Now.

      "Disposal Speculum -- A unique inflatable vaginal speculum which cost
      effectively solves the problems
      of current instruments. This project has caused worldwide interest from
      manufacturers of medical
      disposables, and is likely to make a major impact on the speculum

      The Register says: We always preferred the Sinclair Speculum.

      "Light Weight Wheel -- A totally new concept for a combined light
      weight wheel/hub, likely to be of
      interest to manufacturers of automotive wheels and/or hubs."

      The Register says: Wheel meet again, don't know where, don't know

      CMR is promoting something called X-Cel. We're not sure what it is --
      something to do with concrete,
      apparently -- but we're told Bill Gates already has his lawyers onto it...


      PhD4, Neural Modeling Lab, Department of Psychology - McGill University
      randalk@..., Lab:(514)-398-4319, Home:(514)-767-6406
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