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Introduction - I'm A New Member

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  • Victoria
    To those of you who do not know me already, my name is Victoria. I most often go by my nickname, V-chan. So please feel free to call me that ^_- A little bit
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2003
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      To those of you who do not know me already, my name is Victoria. I
      most often go by my nickname, V-chan. So please feel free to call me
      that ^_-

      A little bit about myself:
      I am 21 year old (DOB - 07/23/1982) female, born in Salt Lake City,
      Utah. I do not know the place much at all because I was only there
      several months after birth. ^^;; I have spent most of my life in
      Florida ... about 14 years of it = )
      I also lived on Long Island in New York for 4 years. Currently
      though ... I reside in Tucson, Arizona where I have been since
      November of 2000. I enjoyed FL the most ... with the exception of the
      hurricanes @_@;;

      I have been penpaling since I was in grade school, but
      not "seriously" as a hobby until 1998. I have made many great friends
      since that time period & never would have met them otherwise if it
      weren't for my chatting & writing online ... which then developed
      into my snail mailing everyone ^_^ Which is, as a matter of fact, my
      favorite way to correspond. In 2000, I started actively searching out
      people who specifically where looking for penpals to write to. Up
      until then I pretty much had just met people online that I had been
      chatting with & we started writing ever since. Also at the beginning
      of 2000 I got into swapping, though I am still very much so on a
      beginning level with it. I've participated in probably about 7
      organized swaps since then & probably several dozen personal swaps. I
      learn more every day about it. I am always looking for new penpals &
      swappers. Many people I penpal with write maybe once a month &
      sometimes less frequently ^^;; So even though I have quite a number
      of penpals, I still can never have enough. LoL ^_-

      A little about my interests, I love anime & manga. I started enjoying
      it as one of my favorite things about 9 years ago or so ... starting
      out with Sailor Moon. I was quite happy when I finally got to see it
      in its original Japanese form. Probably because it was one of my
      first or for whatever reason, Sailor Moon is one of my favorites.
      Others that I love as well are Ai Yori Aoshi, Ayashi no Ceres,
      Chobits, Di Gi Charat, Full Metal Panic, Fushigi Yuugi, Gatekeepers,
      Hana Yori Dango, Hellsing, Kiki's Delivery Service, King of Bandit
      Jing, Laputa, Love Hina, Martian Successor Nadesico, Mononoke Hime,
      My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa, Rurouni Kenshin, Saiyuki, Samurai
      Deeper Kyo, Scryed, Spirited Away, Steel Angel Kurumi, Video Girl Ai,
      X, Zenki ... as well as many others that I cannot think of off the
      top of my head. I also love Sanrio, Orange Story, Disney, sports,
      reading, writing, travel, cooking, penpaling & swapping, making
      friends, learning about other cultures & languages, expanding my
      collections, & much more. ^_^

      Since I am always looking for new pals & swappers, feel free to drop
      me a line. I am right now VERY low on fb's, fs's, crams, slams,
      decos, x-slips, etc. New or Established is fine ... so if you would
      like to send some my way even if you don't want to be pals or regular
      swappers that is fine ... I can always send some in return after I
      get/make more ^_- I am also willing to send a SASE (Self Addressed
      Stamped Envelope) if need be so that you won't have to pay the
      postage. So you can either post to the group, e-mail me privately, or
      surprise me & contact me via postal mail: PO Box 11860, Tucson, AZ
      85734-1860, USA

      I'll be looking forward to getting to know everyone.

      Best Wishes,
      *~+~ V-chan ~+~*

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