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A special thanks to all you snailers

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  • Tamara Stevens
    The truth about pen pals… I know for me pen pals are the heart and soul of whom I am as an individual. The life jacket that keeps us afloat in many ways.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2003
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      The truth about pen pals… I know for me pen pals are the heart and
      soul of whom I am as an individual. The life jacket that keeps us
      afloat in many ways. People whom don't have pen pals can never
      understand the pure spirit that is involved in the connection from
      paper to pen. The spirit of a person comes through the ink to the
      paper pages of the letters. Whether they are typed or hand written,
      the person's true spirit can be felt with every word that is written.
      For me I don't have many close friends because I find that most
      people don't understand who I am as an individual. They see the
      person, but not the spirit that is connected that only comes from the
      embedded soul. So often, you get this feeling when you first meet
      someone that they will be an important person in your life you don't
      know why you just have this feeling deep inside when you meet them,
      than as you get to know them you understand that you r connecting to
      their spirit and seeing their soul. I feel that it like when you get
      a letter from a new pal, the worlds connect with you, you are
      connecting with them from the words from their soul. It is almost as
      if you have known them forever. It is the most amazing connection
      that you have ever felt. It is like you have found that missing piece
      to a puzzle that you have been searching for.
      Once you have experienced the wonderful world of snails (that is what
      I call my pen people) there is nothing like it. When I met my soul
      mate John I thought I didn't need my snails any longer. I began to
      get stressed out. It was when I found some letters and read them that
      I realized that what I needed was my snails. I needed to be able to
      escape from the stress of everyday life through the power of palling.
      Having my partner in life was amazing but the truth about life's
      experiences and dealing and sharing the stresses and strains that all
      of life's chaos brings is sharing it with others whom come together
      through the land of the post.
      I don't think that I could have dealt with all the dramatic life
      changes that I have encounter through the last few months with out
      all the amazing snailers that I have met through the inky trail. I
      want to say thank you to all and to all that are or have been waiting
      for a response from me, I have written you but have not had the funds
      send the letters. They will be hitting the inky trail very soon. I
      know some of my snails have been extremely understanding others well,
      I can only hope that when they do receive the letters that they will
      forgive me for taking so long. This week reading the lovely emails
      from my RAK group, seeing that the spirit of kindness that can be and
      is generated everyday through the inky trail. Makes me PROUD to call
      myself a fellow Snail.
      To all the snails out there on the inky trail, I tip my pen to you
      all. Thanks for making my letter box smile and my journey on the inky
      trail never, ever end. Until next time, this snailer is saying live,
      love and laugh much … until we meet again on the inky trail love and
      light Tamara
      Tamara Stevens
      6 Commodore Ave
      Sackville, NS
      B4E 3B2 Canada
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