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A Maritime Angle request

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  • tamara stevens
    A angel challenge to all my snailers. I want to put out a personal challenge to all my current snailers. Each of you means an incredible amount to me. Having
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2003
      A angel challenge to all my snailers.

      I want to put out a personal challenge

      to all my current snailers. Each of you means an incredible amount to

      Having you arrive in my mailbox whenever you do brightens my day.

      because of the fact that i want to get to know you on a more personal

      and due to my recent decision of a collection of angels I have a
      challenge for each of you. I want you to send me an angel that represent
      you, Or what ever you think represents

      u. I am not asking for anything huge just something that i can have in
      my special room

      that represents you. It doesnt have to be an angel but, it would help in
      my collection.

      That is the only why i suggested it. But it can be anything that would
      represent you.

      Everyone is special and well i want to capture that some how. Please,
      just think about it. It is something that is extremely special me and
      brings out what is special about you.

      May the angels light guide you ....... Tamara

      ps please tell me what you think of this

      Tamara Stevens

      6 Commodore Ave,

      Sackville, NS B4E 3B2 Canada



      Greetings from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have lived in the
      province of nova scotia (new scottland) all my life. My favoirte time of
      the day is when you walk out to the mailbox, you open it and you have
      received this something that has your name on it and it isn't a bill it
      is a letter address to you. Someone has taken the time to sit and
      write/type and maybe even decorates the envelope a letter and you open
      it and it is this amazing letter and maybe some tuck ins from some who
      become your instant friend from near or from far it is the same feeling.
      This special glow inside. It's like writing in a journal. But you get to
      send it away instead of keeping it lying around where wondering eyes can
      get a peek. To me it is like getting a gift everyday from someone whom
      has time to write. I am sure that everyone has a special place in there
      heart where getting a letter makes their cup runneith over. I believe
      that everything happens for a reason and that people

      come into our lives for a reason. So I believe that you are reading this
      for a reason. Make a life long friend pick up a pen and paper, or type
      or writes make my letterbox smile

      About Me

      ME -Tamara Stevens- Feb 17, 1975 28 years old

      Work - hospital sitter - Kinda like being an angel watching over people.
      I collect angels for this reason. I am spiritual not so much religious (
      love and light) I very much enjoy it

      Children/4 legged Varity- spirit black lab/husky she talks love you, mom
      etc n Rex (duck toiler/golden retriever - very handsome and gentle is my

      Partner- John (Feb 7) 28 years old we me online in Feb 2000

      Why is snail mail important to me- what I do during the night while I am
      sitting their I WRITE LETTERS?

      It keeps me awake doing nights is hard but if you have friends to

      Hang out with you and I do via snail mail than it is a lot easier to

      Stay awake.

      Interests/Hobbies -collecting angels, Buttons, collecting pooh stuff,
      care bears stuff, souvenir spoons from all over, dolphin stuff,
      butterflies, stickers, stationary, note cards, quotes, recipes/cook
      books, paranormal/newage/spirituality, and crafts

      Postcards I collect from where my snails are from and put them around a
      world map where I plot my snail pals

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